Fibro Scare

Fibro Scare

I had the most awful fibro scare on the way home from work on Tuesday. Burning in my left arm, pressure on my chest, pain in my ribs. I didn't know whether to pull over ir just get home.  I felt sick & tearful. Phoned the docs & described how i relt, that I have fibro, but they said to come in. Hubby drove me to the docs ( emergency appointment) who checked me over- oxygen sats fine, but she wanted me to go to A&E to have an ECG, etc & said not mention my fibro as she wanted them to test everything.  So the next 5 hours were spent in A&E- all results fine. On examination my ribs were so tender- musculoskeletal problems diagnosed, which fits in with everything.  But this was one of the worst experiences I' ve had. Thankful for a very kind & caring doctor and a free NHS. If in doubt, always get checked out xxxx

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  • I can imagine that was so frightening as the worse case scenario is bound to go through your mind always best to get checked out.  That was how my fibro really got started and was diagnosed with costo chondritis as you say the pain and burning and stabbing is so severe you feel frightened to breathe.  I know I was down the street doctors in a flash even though I had similar but milder symptoms twice before.  Even now unfortunately can't wear a bra and rib cage today is as sore as a boil.  Like everyone I have been looking forward to the sun but am coming to the conclusion that the heat actually makes it worse.

    I know my friend who was as fit as a flea had costo and she said she ended up on the floor rolling in agony and we spent about 8 hours in A & E whilst they undertook a barrage of tests.

    Take it easy and hope the pain and everything eases soon you have my heartfelt sympathy. X

  • Thank you. Yep, costochondritis is horribly mean 😓 I have the same problem with my bra as well! Xx

  • I really sympathise as it makes buying clothes so difficult all the things I happily wore before now look strange on me or are too transparent.  For the first time in my life I started to like winter clothes more than summer as they hide that I haven't got a bra on.  So glad I haven't got big boobies. Everytime a new sort comes out I am down to the shops or sending off for it always in the hope that that one will not hurt but half an hour later I am ripping it off, grhh!!x

  • Me too 😢

  • How frightening for you, so glad it turned out ok we always think chest pains its the heart but glad to hear all clear,  take care 

  • Thank you! I have this on a regular basis, but this was the scariest one by far, especially when I was driving! Xx

  • Glad you saw a nice dr as that always hrlp.Take care Peck.😊

  • Hi pollydee29

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you experienced this horrid ordeal and I sincerely hope that you are feeling better now? Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • It's crazy we are told not too mention fibro although I try not to mention it now otherwise they put everything down to it even if it's something you have never had before crazy. I hate it when they try and tell you it's in your head let them try living with it for a while!!! 

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