fibro fog.

Hi everyone, I have just had operation on my knee. Was talking to the anaesthtist, hope i spelt that right, about the fibro that I have suffered with for several years. She said that if you can see an anaesthetist who deos clinics in pain management then they are the only specialists who undersatnd the pain of fibro. There is one at my local hospital so I am going to try. To be truthfull i am so desperate to get some sort of pain releif will try anything. I am 50 and feel that my life is given over to pain pain pain!!!!

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  • Bless you. Good luck with anaesthetist, and thanks for sharing that. I know how you feel about the pain. Hope your knee heals soon. love & hug to you. Helen xx

  • Hi webby, I hope that you feel better soon. I am 50 to and fed up with pain and like you feel like there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel, take care Margaret xx

  • Oh bless you,

    I am so sorry to hear your pain, i too have had operations on my knees and it was after the last op a few weeks later I was diagnosed with severe Fibro and more recently I have also been diagnosed with M,E, and I have osteoarthiritus and cervical spondylosis. My meds have got me stabilised although I do have some breakthrough pain.

    If you have Fibro aren't you seeing your G>P and have a care plan in place?

    Soft Hugs

    Sue x x x

  • Soulsusie. Have exactly all the same illnesses you have. Doesn't matter what I takes, nothing works. Have been told by GP that they do not know what to give me. Saw her last week and she said go back on Pregablin. Tried it but felt awful next morning as I did last time I took it. l Also have an inflammed bowel so have to watch what i take with that as well. Just have to try to live with it now. Take Dihydrocodeine and Diazepam. They have more or less told me I;m at the end of the line there;s nothing more than can do for me. Knees are killing me but I'll just have to put up with it - can;t stand anymore pain.

  • hi abbeystead i take both those meds a well as atidepresant called mirtaipine 45mg also musle relaxiant robaxin 750 mg but the constant pain all over is very hard to cope with / random stabbing pain feel for u take care x

  • Thanks Demelza. Gave me Prozac as well. Tried everything and there is absoilutely nothing that helps so I'll just muddle around. You point to anywhere on my body and I'm paining. Grand daughter cut my hair the other day but sprayed some water on, which went on my neck and do you know what? it was like thousands of nails were being hammered into my neck - didn;t half scream. The only ease I get is relaxing in bed,but I make myself get up. This is how its going to be forever now so I,ve got to make the best of it.

    Take care and thanks for your reply.

    Off to bed now with my breakfast for morning as my husband has gone to Wembley. See even he's got fed up with me - still wont have to listen to his snoring tonight.ha ha.



  • Thankyou for all your lovely comments feels good in a way to know you are not alone. My son and husband think that I will be ok now had knee op, oh the battle to be srong for family, they do not realise that i am feeling a little better because i am of work sick. I love my job but i know my days are limited as my hands ate starting to be affected, but will be positive and carry on. thankyou all

  • Hello,

    I went to see an anesthetist at the pain clinic in January and had Corison (steriod) & anesthetic injections in my neck, shoulder and back. I haven't felt much difference really, but everyone is different. I've to go back in July to try something else.

    C x

  • I see a neurologist pain clinic - because the anaesthetist run clinic didn't feel he had the expertise. It is challenge and cost to see him n London, but I think he does at least understanding the type of pain in fibro

  • Really 'get' your post as I'm the same. Thanks for the tip on Anaesthetist run pain clinic. Will see if they have same up here in the wreckage of rural Scotland.

    Hope you are seen soon in pain clinic and get some relief x

  • Hi Webby, you are never alone on this site, someone is usually around whatever the time of day or night. Hope you are recovering from your knee op, take care, love Angela xx

  • Hi all,

    I have got an appointment for Pain Management later this month, I'm quite scared actually. It's taken me long enough to explain to my rheumatologist about my paina dn get him to really understand how i'm feeling. So i don't want to go to this one now to fine that he doesn't nunderstand. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing. will let you all know how I get on. xxx

  • Reading all the comments on anasthesia, has any one tried Professor Davies and his trigger injections, I am thinking about this so would like to hear your views as is quite expensive!

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