im abit confused,about pip,was givin pip in 2015,was told in the brown envelope that i had it untill 2017,so was very surprized that had a brown envelope threw the door,me thinking it was from the hospital.but low and behold pip essesment form for reveiw of pip.so can any body on this brill sight how come.have form to fill in when like i said was granted pip untill 2017.?

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  • Hi

    Their is wording in the small print that says it can be reviewed at anytime and even when it was DLA  people where in formed it was for life when its only for the life of the benefit which can change .

    Please get help filling in form

    On the good side although their have been lots of postings on this site recently re PIP and how hard it is .I recently completed a review of PIP with  a client and they where awarded without attending a medical .

    Good luck


  • thank you for the quick reply rose,got a carear filling it in for me,will keep you informed on how i get on lf thats ok with you.

  • Hi

    I would honestly go to CAB or a benefit adviser try Janet benefit adviser on this site .

    If you have Care Manager or Support Worker they can do it

    Someone will advise you of Janets details,

    Carer would be able to complete section where it asks for extra information form someone who knows you well .

    Its up to you but their are things they are looking for .I have to attend training to complete benefit forms.

    Best Wishes Rose

  • Yes they change it if they want too gave me a extra year last month without a reveiw...was quite shocked to be honest ...odd but i would seek advice..but they do reveiws so i heard...seek advice as its important for you..good luck

  • They do regular reviews unfortunately to make sure that your condition hasn't changed from when the PIP was awarded.  As others have said do get as much help as you can with filling in the form.  If you still have a copy of the original form you filled in that can be a great help in making sure you don't deviate from what you put then.  Of course add to it if your condition has got worse.  Good luck with it all and fingers crossed for you.x

  • Like it or not the government don't like giving out PIP which changed from DLA it is harder to get and harder to keep please get help with the form. I lost my appeal after over a year of fighting for it. This time I got help with form hoping it makes a difference xxxxxx

  • Hi walterhollis

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I can see that your other respondents have answered your question, so I will simply genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your review. I sincerely hope that they increase your award for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It is the policy that they notify you 12 months before the end date to review. It actually states that on our award letter.

  • On my pip reward letter , it said they will be in touch around a month before the award ends..I have it for 4 years, the standered care..

  • Mine came yesterday, I was also surprised as I had been awarded until 2017 also.

  • so when do you think your get the essesment as been told that the pip just reveiw the form when people send bk,and in some cases they dont have essesments

  • I was too but they tell you they will do it agine in a years time I got mine and sent it back never got anthing back so phoned them they sed its gone off for assment doing so just waiting now x

  • Same here got mine a year early they said it was becaue it takeing so long to sort sent mine march got a phone call an hour aggo to go for a  appointment today 35 miles away at one o clock told them was not able as carnt drive What a joke 😕

  • thats  bad fibro,hav,nt done mine yet,have been on the pip,was incapicity,income support,now this,so its been going on since 1999,but still will have to go,but im only about half mile from were i live.so i feel for you.

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