Hi....I just had a pip assessment that only lasted about half an hour....he barely asked me any of the questions I am seeing on here.....was very loud and jokey, probably trying to put me at ease but he didn't go into anything in any depth...I don't feel heard really..certain I won't be awarded anything....does anyone know how long it takes after the assessment for the brown envelope to land? 😟 dreading it... Xxx

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  • Don't forget fingers crossed and you can always appeal ?


  • Hi Needsleep

    I am so genuinely sorry that you feel that you did not get heard during your assessment, and I would urge you to wait and see what happens? Please do not think that I am trying to build your hopes up but it could be that the assessor had plenty of information from your application and decided that they did not need to go into too much depth? It is very difficult to predict these things, as there have been members who believed that they had wonderful assessments and then not qualified for an award.

    If you do not qualify first time your can ask for a mandatory reconsideration. I am sorry that I cannot say how long it will take for you to hear, as I am informed that there is a backlog of claims being looked at?

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with the outcome, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you qualify for an award without having to go down the road of reconsideration's or appeals.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Don't be to put off it could be he has read your notes and assessment made that way I was half hour and told it would be one and half hours you never know how these things work out good luck

  • Try not to worry, and good luck.

  • Good luck needsleep, my daughter's PIP assessment was a month or so ago and she found out within two weeks, the system is pretty good at the moment.

    Like you we were only 30 mins or so and she was awareded hers..

    All the best, i really hope you are successful first time round....

  • I had a assessment last year the same he was nice sounded kind and genuine. .said he could see the pain i was in so never had examination etc..waited then 6 weeks later i was told that I would have to have another assessment as some of the questions wereuunanswered on my report. .good luck hopefully yours won't be the same

  • Thank you for all your lovely replies....I'm keeping my fingers crossed....I don't think I will have the energy to appeal if I don't get anything awarded first time around which I'm coming to realise is a bit of a miracle...I'm so tired... In lots of pain...I don't need to tell you because I know you know...I ended up getting really confused...all too fast for me...asked me to remember some words and I did until he asked me to repeat them and I got one wrong but I'm still convinced I remembered it right...he asked me to hold his thumbs or something and I couldn't work out what he was asking me to do! I felt like a complete idiot....he would ask me a question and then talk about something else...then I couldn't remember the question and was answering something completely different!! I lied about the loo stuf too because he was a man! I felt embarrassed to go into any detail...think I probably fluffed the whole interview!! 😟 xxxx

  • Hi, don't be fooled by the loud and jokey manner. The assessments are usually carried out by nurse practitioners who watch every move you make. The brown envelope can take up to 2 months is what I was told, mine came a bit quicker. These assessors do not make the decision they just fill in a report for the D.W.P try and have a happy and pain free xmas and new year. 😀 Izzy x

  • Don't be so sure that you won't get PIP. I know the media give negative scare stories regarding benefit claims. I was unsure if I would be awarded anything. I waited a month and it came back ok. It just makes me 😡 that they are putting already very ill people through such a stressful experience often setting off flare ups. Don't the doctors / consultants/ know more than nurses and paramedics? I think I had a paramedic doing my assessment but no disrespect meant to the bloke but he's hardly a rheumatologist is he. I know there only doing there jobs but the system is BROKEN and innocent people who are genuinely sick should NOT be punished! That being said those that are not genuine should be rooted out.

  • It took mine just 7 days so good luck x

  • Hi my assessment took just over half an hour (they were short staffed) and it took exactly 3 weeks to get a decision, and I was awarded standard rate for both. If you don't get it do appeal.

    I have also heard they are changing it again next April to make it harder to get as too many people are winning their appeals.

  • I got notified that a payment would be made into my bank account by DWP in the next 2 weeks backdated to September, after just 1 week of waiting .. on my mobile. Brown envelope and bank payment followed a few days after.

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