Well been to have my PIP assment this morning in Barnsley at 9 am it's was in anther town to me was a nice lady who I seen so fingers crossed will be waiting for the dreaded brown envelope to come was glad it was over but u forget thinks when your in there like I told her I'd been back in hospital in December she did not know that evey that's yay I sent forPIP cos of that and my stroke felt so nervous so will have to Waite now

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  • Hi Lesley :)

    It sounds like your assessment was alright and not too stressful and I hope it works out for you and you get the result you're after, and, remember there is always someone just around the corner to help or give a hug for support especially during the difficult times, benefit applications are very stressful even when just waiting for the envelope to turn up. I hope you hear something soon.

    Please remember you are entitled to a mandatory reconsideration and can also appeal after that if they don't give you it and don't forget to contact an advisory service straight away to help you if you end up in this scenario.

    Fluffies and smiles for you :)

    xxx sian :)

  • I will let u know how it's gone when I get the brown letter and thanks xx

  • Sounds as though it went quite well. Will keep fingers crossed for you that you hear the result soon and it is a good one. Let us know either way and Sian has given you good advice as well.x

  • Will let u know as soon I get to know thanks xx

  • Hope you get a good outcome, got mine on Friday. Been waiting since July x

  • Yes me too thanks will let u know xx

  • Wishing you luck.

    If you need any further support about benefits, direct message me or email karen.rubin-lawrie@fibroaction.org and I'll send over some info.

    Karen x

  • Thanks Karen that's nice of u xx

  • Sounds good, fingers crossed for you!

    Good luck


  • Thanks ken x

  • Well the brown envelope cam today I got standard daily living 11point and 10 points for mobility don't know whether to appeal against it or not I am glad I have got it but some think I disa with wot they put down x

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