Onion skins

Happy Easter everone. I have trying a theory about about using onions skin to reduce  inflammation.

 It suggested that if you put the skins in water over night and drink as tea or as an ointment the following day

I  decided to give it try. I tried both methods and was really surprised that it actually worked for me.

Just thought I would share as it might be useful to others as well as myself. 

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  • How would you make it into ointment ? Sounds interesting don't think I could drink it ! 

    But good on you for trying they say the old ways are the best ! 



  • How on earth did you manage to drink onion tea 😳  I know that boiled onions are good for colds and flu so it's probably the same principal , good for you 😃

  • Hi

    Nettle tea and Ginger tea are also be good for inflammation

    Are the onions very smelly I know if I have onions I can smell it on my skin next day

    the things we try. A friend has also suggested sticky bud tea I don't know the botanical name only know them as sticky buds.


  • Hi. That's interesting. Is it white or red onions please? 💗 


  • have you tried turmeric added to warm milk?

  • Is there a certain way, like did you soak in cold tap/filtered water, or was it in boiling water that then cooled?  My inflammation is willing to try anything that doesn't make me shake rattle and roll like the meds do.

  • Hi shazmill

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. The Arthritis Foundation have a feature on this and it is quite interesting. I have pasted the link below: 


    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • To this day I put an onion cut up in my bedroom if I have a virus or any type of bacterial infections, it's also great for taking the smell of fresh paint away.

  • I just knocked it back it didn't taste bad it was ok .

    for the ointment l added organic coconut oil

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