Hypnotic gastric band

I posted on this site about 4 weeks ago to say that I was starting the hypnotic gastric band treatment, I was very excited about it and wanted to share it with everyone.

I was really sad about the negative comments that I received just as I was about to start it, I was under the impression that this site was all about supporting each other.

I have lost 15lb in 4 weeks, I think about food a lot differently and I feel so positive about my life and the pain :)

I think that some members should stop giving negative feelings to others when the are trying new and positive things.

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  • Firstly congratulations on the weight loss... :) I just read back through your earlier blog and I personally didnt think you got negative comments.. You got a concern that your hypnotist was properly qualified , which you stated he was and some one else posted it didn't work for them which was just a fact ... Same as some meds work on one person and not another...

    Glad it has worked for you and keep us posted on the weight loss :)


  • Congratulations Pennie, that's a great achievement!

    I agree with Grumpy, don't be downhearted by comments you might perceive to be negative. It's only their opinion, what works for one person doesn't always work for everyone else! I've personally had great success with my Hypnotic Gastric Band - I've released over 3 stone and reached my target weight in about 3 months without even dieting!

    I think it's definitely important to find the right therapist. If anyone's thinking of trying it I highly recommend LouLou Palmer (http://www.essentialawareness.org). She was really brilliant. Not only did she help me lose the weight, but she really empowered me by giving me a toolbox of techniques that I will use for the rest of my life. I know it sounds cliched but I feel better than I have done in years!

    Good luck Pennie, and anyone else who's thinking of giving it a go!

  • Well done it worked for my friend a well, I think you have to

    Believe it's going to, I don't know anyway good for you

  • That's great. :)

    Hypnotherapy can be brilliant for so many issues.

  • Thank you vivien60 and Lindseymid I appreciate your support :)

  • Congratulations on your weight loss Pennie, Im sure you will go from strength to strength with your weight loss ! Your not alone when it comes to feeling let down by negative comments ! I really would pay no attention to them , God forbid that you would dare to try something new lol !!! It makes me laugh when I read some of the replies to people's blog now!! There's always a know it all wherever you are !!!! Xxx

  • Well done Pennie! I'm so glad it's worked for you.

    Please don't be upset by negative comments - people are rightly cautious about new and possibly expensive treatments.

    You have done so very well, and I'm sure lots of people will want to follow your lead. but I would still say that everyone must make sure their practitioner is well-qualified before shelling out the ready.

    You go girl, and keep it up!y x

    Moffy x

  • Well done you! So lovely to hear some positive news,look forward to hearing how you are getting on sometime soon xxx

  • Well done I was thinking of going down this route ! Glad it all worked for you......fingers crossed it does for me! I have put on so much weight.....x

    Thanks for sharing x x ;-)

  • I knew my supportive buddies were out there some where, thank you guys it's lovely for you all to reply,I really appreciate it, I did check with my gp and searched out a reputable hypnotist, as ladymoth says you must check first.

    Thank you friends and I will keep you posted :) xx

  • I attempted to reply but it ate my post. Hehe. Well done for losing all that weight and the fact that it has made you more positive and had an effect on your pain.........hoorah

    Foggy x

  • Awesome! Hey - ANY progress is awesome and if something works for you then it works for you and isn't that what really matters?

    The thing about all the clinical trials that have been done relative to fibro treatments is that most DO work - for some. Also, Placebo consistently provides positive results for around 20% of patients in most studies. This is the power of the mind. Your belief that something might work and the action you take in trying it - that alone can have a strong positive benefit. And if something does not work, its not like trying it had no value because now you know something else that does not work for you and thus your understanding of how your fibro functions is deeper.

    Losing 15lb in 4 weeks.... that is impressive! Congrats!


  • Havent you done well I am so pleased for you were the sessions difd ficult or do you just relax to into it. I am sorely tempted to have a go as the lack of exercise due bone damage is making me eat more :( Well done again xgins

  • Do you think a cd would work or is it better to see a hypnotherapist ?

  • Hi, I had one session a week over 3 weeks, it was so relaxing and I felt really good when he counted me back from 5 and I awoke feeling relaxed and refreshed. I can only say that it's like when you awake from a dream and you can't quite remember what it was about.

    I paid £210 for the sessions and he says to call him if I ever like another session will help.

    I hope this gives you a bit more of an idea :)

  • was that for each session?

  • I'm not sure about the cd as I haven't tried it.

  • Hi Pennie I also had the gastric band hypnotherapy 4 weeks ago. I went for 3 sessions over 3 weeks. I have not weighed myself because if I do & dont see any movement it puts me off.

    The guy I saw gave me 2 CD's listen 2 every night for 4 wks & If I fedl myself slipping to start listening to them. I am just going by how I'm fitting into my clothes & people have now started asking me have I lost weight so that in itself mKes me feel it is worming. I am definately eating smaller portions & have cut out the sweet stuff. I dont even get urge for chocolate, biscuits, cake or crisps.

    I wanted to loose weight for myself to give me back some confidence & self esteme as I have been very low at the moment & I'm also hoping that loosing the weight. will help with my pains.

    Good luck & well done. Its worked for you & its working for me.

    Jackie :) x x

  • Hi Jackie, I wasn't given any CDs but he taught how to relax in different ways that I feel are very helpfully.

    Yesterday was the first time I weighed my self since I started, I'm just going to weigh myself once a month, I can also tell by the fit of my clothes.

    I want to wish you all the luck in the world.

    :) xxxx

  • Be proud of yourself and ignore negative comments. Congratulations you are doing well and keep going. It's a brilliant therapy.

  • Thank you truthseeker your support is much appreciated :)

  • Congratulations .. And well done .. I joined weight watchers 4weeks ago and have lost 5lb i am now thinking of going the same route as you . Do you have to have a certain amount to loose . Also what happens when you have lost the weight .

  • Thank you Penni, long may we continue to loose & then the Drs cant accuse us our pain is from being over weight!!

    :) xxx

  • well done, that's great news.

    Best wishes...nannyjenno

  • i have the Paul McKenna deep sleep and relax cd they are brilliant starting to get some deep sleep which not had in years. will try gastic band as need to loose some weight.xxxx

  • Thanks everyone for your support, to answer your questions, hi aura I have 10 stone to lose, it's all about your mind set, it lets you choose a different path of living, also relaxation and healthier eating, we did a session on how our vital organs are being squashed by the fat inside our bodies. Jusjac I couldn't agree more about the doctors !!!! :)

  • thats fantastic well done have you had someone proffessional who you have gone to xxx

  • It wasn't a negative comment, it was an observation and I spoke of my own, personal experience. I'm really glad it worked for you, wish it had worked for me XXX

  • Hi Pennie. I don't come on here very often as I normally work full time and I feel too tired to research when I come home. I am on holsl until Monday and thought I would have a read through some of the threads on here and see if they can help me too. I have had fibromyalgia since 2007 and take lots of meds for it. Most days are good but then I get a flare up and feel exhausted and in pain. November-March are bad months for me and I have to increase my meds.

    I am overweight and it has been bothering me for a long time. It was good to read about your hypnotic gastric band. Is it still working? How long does it last for? I would like to try it and was wondering how you know that they are the genuine people?

    Look forward to your reply and hope the weight is still coming off. x

  • Well done, as you say everybody should be supportive to one another so keep with it and all the best.

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