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Just a little technical thought

Been watching too many James bond films this past week including the one with the car that transforms into an underwater don't really know what you would call it it's not a submarine as such ,,, anyway it got me thinking... Would it be possible to have a convertible mobility scooter... One that converted into one of those micro light flying thingies... Sorry fibro fog so thingy is my new word for what I cant explain properly.... Would be sooo good to fly I could fly to gins scoop up a pudding and be gone before she noticed.. Then sit on the forum smirking when gins posts saying ..... I am sure I had more puddings an hour ago

Grins evilly

VG x

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scootyvertible wings aswell heheh

so hows grumpy doing lol ??

i have a very vivid imagination and always having a thought of something or other, had thoughts recently abou the supermarket and am off to find inventions site as i think its a fabtastic idea .

i think be great with little roofs on scooters, my anty and my grandad both had scotters and they had them rain covers which are great but they do look chlostraphobic in there xxx


cazzie xxx


With an intelligent inboard computer like Kit from Nightrider. Also a robot arm which gives you drinks when you get tired or dehydrated. Actually all this is making me think of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lol

Storm x


Hi fairy and storm how are you both I am not at my best due to OH having to be monitored like a toddler, why can't men just follow gp orders and behave.

had to get my son new trainers so had to go into town on my scooter went so slowly at his walking pace I am thinking now..... Mobility scooter with side car.......

Hugs VG x


Hi VG, sorry you are not feeling so great today. Hehe - mobility scooter with a sidecar lol. They ought to make 2 seater ones then you could take somebody with you to help you with your shopping etc. let's face it they are too fast to follow on foot and too slow to follow by car! Eeeee I'm not just a pretty face :-D

I'm not too bad thank you, a bit sluggish and am currently nocturnal but just planning a lovely tea - broccoli and cheese bake with Garlic roast tatties and parsnips yum yum (no meat we're both veggies) then a couple of my birthday chocs for pudding

Have a good evening

Storm xx


The thought of VG on a mind boggling flying scootyvertible (thanks Cazzie lol!) with a sidecar sounds terrifying! Can you imagine spotting her flying through the air and then zooming in to land with her extendable robotic arm still full of fizzy drink (thanks Storm! ;)) - run for the hills folks while you still can! lol! :O :P


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