38 Degrees Petition re ATOS - please sign!

38 Degrees is the one of the UK's biggest campaigning communities, who have achieved some amazing things, and they're now turning their attention to ATOS (this being topical with the Paralympics on) and the Government not taking action to fine ATOS when it fails to do its job (ie. accurately assess people for disability benefits!).

Please support their campaign - even if you're not on benefits yourself, I'm sure you've seen how the unfair assessments (with higher numbers than ever being overturned at tribunals) are severely affecting people with all kinds of conditions and disabilities. For more information, see the link below:


Or just click this link to sign the petition now to demand the government stands up to Atos and sorts out the disability benefits problems:


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  • Signed with pleasure

  • signed just now.

  • signed

  • signed and also added to my facebook so friends and family can also sign, thanks xx

  • Signed (twice!) Once for me, once for my husband, who will also be affected by their decisions & actions!!!!!!!!

  • Signed and added to facebook.

  • signed and left a message.

  • sign and a message left would sign a million times if I could

  • signed just happy to do it.

  • Message lost due to site error

  • Hi to every one i have signed the petition ....

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