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Hi fellow members,

This petition has over 28K signatures, but needs 70K more for this issue to be discussed in UK Parliament.

To find out more and to help the Fibro Petition team on social media - please follow @FibroPetition on Twitter and RT their tweets.

Add your voice to the campaign here:

Thank You for reading

Emma :)

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  • Done Emma ☺ thanx for sharing. Very good picture xx

  • Done! Thanks Emma x :)

  • Done

  • Signed :)

  • Signed.

  • Done

  • I can't see how you actually sign the petition. There is a place to leave name and email but this looks like it's just for updates.

  • Hi Newtali,

    Thank You for your message. This is where you sign the petitions - Hope this helps :)

  • No, still not seeing it! Sorry!

  • Hi there, if you complete the boxes with your name, email, address, then scroll down the page a bit there should be a red box with 'sign' in it, you need to click 'enter' on this box - hope you manage it Newtali


  • Thanks. Didn't see the box at the bottom! Now done!

  • Done.x

  • Signed and shared!

  • Signed and shared.

  • Done.x

  • All done....Thank you! x

  • Signed and shared.

  • Signed and sharers on Facebook and tweet.

    It's not nice to go through such pain,aches and other issue and you don't get a support. Gp makes you feel something is mentallywrong with and don't help. Not even sending to specialist to get diagnosis and support. I am fed up.

  • Hi, is the same petition as on the government /parliament website ? I tried to sign on there a few weeks ago but couldnt as parliament is dissolved until after june 8th.

  • Hi Sadiestar,

    Thank You for your message

    I am sorry I do not know the answer to this question, as the petition was not started by myself. You may like to ask the Fibro Petition team via their contact details found at the end of the petition. Hope this helps :)

  • Thanks for replying, i was a bit confused as i did sign a petition a few weeks back for fibro. Then i tried to sign the goverment one and can't until after the election now. I will just have to search my emails to see if i have already signed it. Thanks xx

  • Signed x

  • Done

  • All done thanks Emma 👍

  • Signed

  • Signed and shared x

  • Done!

  • signed x

  • I've signed and commented.x

  • Hello Mdaisy,

    I want to sign the petition, I remember seeing it a little while ago and I think that I signed it but I can not remember if I did. Oh my brain....Oh the menopause... combined with the fibro...Oh my poor brain. If​ I sign the petition, will it let me know if I have signed it, if you know what I mean?

    I think that I will need a gentle hug.

    Hope you get all the signatures you need.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • I'm one part of the petition team, I'd like to thank you all for your support, we're now almost at 31.5k! Including handwritten signatures, any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Xxxxxx

  • Please sign this, it's our chance to get Fibromyalgia on the agenda in UK Parliament! We need to keep fighting to get our voices heard. Thank You :)

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