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Petition to make it compulsory to record all face to face assessments for PIP and ESA

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I hope it is OK to post this here.

I have created a petition to try and get it mandatory to record all face to face assessments for PIP and ESA. Please sign it and spread the work. If we get 100,000 signatures, it has to be discussed in parliament.



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Link for petition is

I've signed. Thanks for setting it up. They cancelled 1 of my appts because I wanted to record as they realised they didn't have recording facilities available at the centre THEY had chosen! I don't know how much difference it made bit I was awarded both!

Thanks again. K x

I've signed , excellent petition. Thank you for setting it up

All done and dusted.!


good luck with your petition it's a very worthy one πŸ™‚ πŸπŸ’•πŸŠ

Have just signed it good work.

Love & Hugs


Hi Janine

This is an excellent idea and one I truly believe makes a difference. I'm convinced it made a difference for my PIP.

However, when I go into the link it doesn't give the wording of the petition, just the boxes for signing. Can you link to the blurb of the petition itself first please. Sorry, I don't mean to be funny but I like to be certain of exactly what I'm signing before I do so.

Thanks, Margaret. xxx

It is probably because it now has to be approved. It will be active soon.

It has now gone for checking so please keep going back to see if it's live. When it is live, if you could share it, that would great.


Done 😊

Will not allow me to sign. Petition being checked x

Keep checking. I'll update here when it's live.


This has been rejected as there is another one running I followed the link and supported that one

Great thank you very much. I will sign now.

This is one that is available as mine has been rejected

The arthritis site will have many people willing to sign!

It will be good to share it! I'm going to post in my local MPs Facebook page.

Great idea! I've just shared the other one on Facebook x

Oh my goodness, yes please! I'm signing!! I'm still waiting on my PIP decision - I had it for 2 years then I had to reapply. I had my assessment in November! Looking like it's going to go to tribunal (it did last time and I was awarded it).

Anyway, the reason why I'd like assessments recorded is this .... my assessor stated that I do not have a mental health problem because I looked smart, had expensive clothes on and my hair was clean and looking lovely. She actually wrote that!!!!!!!!

I'm new to this site as I've only been recently diagnosed with fibro, raynaurds abd osteoarthrithis. Really struggling to be honest and the stress is getting worse waiting for my PIP result. Been denied ESA as I haven't made enough national insurance contribution.

Sorry to babble on my first post to you, just scared I think.

Hope everyone's doing ok 😊

in reply to Rog13

If you had your assessment in November you should definately have had a reply by now, even if they are waiting for other information they normally write and tell you, it cannot go to tribunal or even appeal without you requesting that so that certainly hasnt happened. I strongly suspect that you have been sent a decision and have not received it, i think you should call and check whats happening.


in reply to Leonwp

Oh sorry yes I have been in contact with them none stop as it was really affecting me physically and mentally. It's going to tribunal as I've been through the mandatory reassessment etc xx

in reply to Rog13

Well i can only say that exactly how my DLA application went and then i was awarded enhanced on both categories at tribunal, so i wish you well


in reply to Rog13

What has the cost of your clothes have to do with your healthcare if they were dirty and you had not washed for along time they could adress that as part of your care but you do sit in your own dirt and put rags on come on! They commented that with me

in reply to Hidden

I know. Absolutely disgusting of her to say such a thing. I will be complaining but only after I have it in writing that my PIP has been accepted. Just wrong! I'm so sorry that you went through that too. I don't understand how she has gotten away with writing such rubbish!!

First time I had an esa assessment, they said the same about me, hair was clean and a little make up, which was like a little mask for me, pretend I'm ok so I could actually leave the house, said because of that I had no mental health problems and no care problems, awarded 0 points. They lied in the report, even caught themselves out because they put 2 different lies about the same thing but different numbers on 2 different pages. Tribunal awarded me 23 points :) (you need 15 I think to get it)

Signed 2nd one well done anyway for max effort

Hi, I thought that for PIP assessment which I am due to go for, just got letter, says if you want to record session, then tell them, but YOU have to provide 2 cassette identical recorders. I need to find out about this myself swiftly as I have no intention of letting people lie or mislead. My friend did this who also has FM. Any ideas where this info is anyone?

Also Benefits and work tell you that you will be judged if you were make up, how you are dressed, if you have a handbag, jewellery, etc. Watched from your vehicle and in waiting room. Extremely unfair, at least we know.


says it's closed?

If you read down the thread there is another link to someone else's as mine was duplicated

in reply to Jchrispin

Signed and shared the other one. Shame really because I preferred the wording on yours. Ah well, let's hope it does some good.

I recorded my PIP assessment (or rather my husband did) and I'm convinced it helped me to get my award. Definitely think it should be compulsory.

Thanks my friend, I had already signed the other petition.

Does not exist??

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