Mother's Day Cards that I made :)

I am hoping that this works as I want to show 6 images instead of just 1.

I wanted to raise the bar on my card making for Mother's Day for both Simon's and my Mum this year, and I honestly think I managed it.

Only problem now is that both Mums will be hoping to see BETTER than this when the next time for cards comes. EEEEP! lol

Hope you like them :) (if this post works and the site allows html in posts) EDIT: html didn't work so I had to give direct links:

Constructive Criticism is gratefully accepted :)

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  • No criticism from me! I really like the embossed centre pieces, they are beautiful. You really are good at card making :) :)

  • Hi,

    From one card maker to another I can certainly appreciate just how long no 2 & 5 took to make but please don't take this the wrong way but I feel they have more of a Christmas feel about them with the way they open up but that isn't a chritisam in any way as they are very pretty! They look like a waffle type centre, but I may be wrong as I can't see too clearly at the moment, having problems with my eyes!

    The other cards are no doubt cut out with a die cutting machine, again very pretty but you could add some peel off borders & corners to give them a bit more of a lift.

    I love the verse cards but wasn't able to read the first verse but again you could use peel offs to give them more lift...

    But on the whole they are all indeed very pretty cards and any Mum would be very lucky to get one!

    How long have you been making cards for? I've been making them for about 10 years now but don't make so many these days except for family and friends or special request cards yet to see my craft stash anyone would think I was making cards for queen and country as I have so much stuff and I won't even begin to think about how many dies I have now!

    It all began with liking different aspects but as my health failed and my hands started to sceeze up cutting out decoupage became a chore, then I got into hunkydory and so it goes but since Die cutting has come out I have finally found my thing! But of çourse I still have all the other stuff like the Glitter girls boards but I can't put enough pressure onto the groves to make a somewhat decent card so I really have to sort my stuff out and sell it off. At least that will please my hubby!!

    Please post more of your cards, I would love to see them...

    Laura :)

  • Hi if you sell your stuff i would be intrested x

  • Hi Dawn,

    I am "following" you as it were to keep your name for when I can get round to sorting out my stuff. What type of crafting are you into? I'm not going to be selling my dies but will be going through the hunkydory kits as I have way too many, some not even used and then there are all the Glitter girl embossing boards, must have about 20 or more!!

    Laura :)

  • Hi yea im into card making and sewing but i have loads of imbossing boards but let me know. Maybe you can send me photoes hope you are feeling ok x

  • I would also be interested in looking at your hunkydory stock as the card used in these cards is adorable scorable and the butterflies are from one of their many topper kits etc

  • The flower centres are flowers, they could only be confused as Christmas decorations, because they follow the pattern of foldable Christmas decorations made in that way.

    All the pics are the front middle and back of two cards only.

    The letters are cut out with scissors, the butterflies are from the adorable adorable range of cardstock, toppers and decorative sheets and are applied with hot glue so that the wings stick out and stay three dimensional.

    The freesias are printed and coloured in and then cut out with a craft knife.

    I'm very happy with how they look and both parents truly loved them. :)

  • I'm so sorry if I upset you, it wasn't my intention honestly as I do fully understand just how long some cards can take to make... It's nothing like the demonstrators do on shows like create and Craft because the majority of times their "team" have done all the prep work for them and all they have to do is stick it all together!

    The only demonstrator who does all her own designs from start to finish literally is young "Chloe"_ she is a breath of fresh air. I love watching her work..

    I am having trouble with my eyes at the moment having had an Acute Glaucoma attack in one eye resulting in urgent emergency laser surgery in both eyes then a Cataract op done a week later as an emergency on the eye that had the Acute Glaucoma attack and am just waiting for a date for the other eye Cataract date! So I really can't see too well at the moment as my " good" eye still needs a relatively low script so I have ready readers as my optician said to not waste money till both eyes are done. But my other eye has deteriorated since it was checked up last year, every year I have changes but as I am waiting for a date my optician said again it was pointless getting new glasses for a couple of months!

    So please forgive me....

    If you managed to cut the word Mum out with just scissors then Well done you because cutting out by hand can't have been easy for you!

    I did mean what I said last night, any Mum would have been very lucky to get such pretty cards... I also adore butterfly's and use them on anything and everything! I have about 20 different style butterfly dies, hubby always Tut's at me as soon as I mention seeing a different style butterfly and says that surely I already have enough, but my reply is, well just thank your lucky stars I can't wear heels any more else I would want these 6" + heels that are out these days so don't tut at me over a little metal die!!

    Seriously though, as some have mentioned, you should sell your cards, get yourself a few Bob to add to your crafting kitty. It all helps and they certainly are good enough to sell... You could make some up and ask in local hairdressers or nail bars and maybe make packs of 5 cards for something like £8 ~ £10 depending on the size of card you have made...

    Laura :)

  • I apologise for being defensive after welcoming criticism, I have had a lifetime of dealing with narcissists so I get upset when I feel that someone is even giving constructive criticism these days.

    I cannot start selling cards as I am not well often or reliable enough to make anything other than pocket money for them, plus I'm always conscious about our benefits as my Fiance is my full time carer so neither of us work.

    I do see how the centre flowers can be viewed as seasonal as I distinctly remember my parents had some hanging lantern style Christmas decorations in the almost identical design that they got out every year.

    As it's becoming increasingly difficult to hold a pair of scissors or a craft knife, I have decided to invest in the silhouette cameo cutting machine, it will take a while of saving up but I foresee being able to purchase it within the next two months. :)

    After researching into it, it seems the most cost effective die-style cutting machine (not needing dies but a computer package intead)

  • Please hunny, there is no need to explain yourself as I too have spent a lifetime lacking in confidence thanks to mindless bullies both physically and mentally trampelling me into the ground!!

    My hubby tries to bring me back to earth as it were but it's a pain that never really goes away because you feel that anything you do will have someone somewhere putting you down again!

    I tried to choose my words carefully last night as I really wasn't knocking your cards in any way, shape or form because I know first hand the time it takes especially when your hands hurt so much. That is why I gave up doing decoupage and using the keepsake boards and embossing with stencils because my hands just can't take it anymore, hell, I can't even peel a potatoes these days!

    I only make for family and friends birthdays these days but did do by special request a birthday card for a neighbours friend who was 100 and she couldn't find a nice enough card in the shops so she asked me if I would make her one but even then I didn't charge her so she bought me a packet of ciggies and a Beautiful bunch of flowers as a Thank you...

    Like you my hubby is my full-time carer and we worry about all these benefit cuts, sanctions and other underhanded tricks the government are doing so I cannot afford to have someone report me for selling a card for a few Bob, it just isn't worth it so I make for me and mine as they say!!

    I don't think I have seen the silhouette machine. I did get myself the grand calibur but found out very quickly that I just didn't have the strength to turn the handle, I was so disappointed so decided to save up for an ebosser and as it happened they had just brought out the pink one just as I had saved enough so I got that.

    It is magical, I just love it and don't regret getting it one little bit!

    Please post some more of your cards and accept all the compliments that you so rightfully deserve....

    Laura. :)

  • Very nice! Very complicated on the inside! I'll bet you are right: your Mums will be expecting great cards again next year!

  • Haemorrhaging Gehena! They are reproductionaly beautiful! (Iz nut swuring). 1st one my favourite. 💗


  • They are really good i also do cards and cushions to sell at fates and its fun and keeps your mind off the pain i think you did well did you sell any

  • I don't sell my cards, they are made as gifts for friends and family only.

  • You should they are really good it keeps me going i dont get alot but it nearly pays for my craft stuff x

  • Both of them very lovely. Well done

  • Any Mum would be thrilled to get those. Something handmade is always so special, as it means time and love has gone into creating it. Brilliant!

  • It really is beautiful to give your mother's something so special :-)

  • I love having handmade cards from my girls it is so much more personal and meaningful. Both Mothers will be pleased to receive those cards and I hope they appreciate the effort you have put into them, they are beautiful :)

  • Really artistic I am sure they are thrilled.x

  • Those are fantastic!

  • Beautifully done. I particuarly like the butterfly one! 😄 I make cards myself for family and friends when. I feeling up to it.

    Well done. Xxx

  • Well who's clever then! They are beautiful the made ones always mean more you know that the time and care a lot of thought have gone into them.

    Bet you could do a business.

    Lovely job


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