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Links to help in ESA/DLA cases

If I don't do it now I'll forget.....

Hoping these links help some of you.

I don't advocate paying to join websites, but the free info is worth looking at


The following site was excellent for helping to write my statement for the tribunal.

Free legal representation,

If I come across anyting else, I'll be sure to post.

P.s please remember that professional help and advice is always the best policy xx

Blessed love xx

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Thanks for those links, their a great help!


glad you posted these links to help people my appeal is tommorrow for esa so to late to print stuff off


Thanks for taking the time to submit the links,very helpful x


Thankyou very helpful information !!!


I believe that as a Forum member you can access information/downloads on the Benefits & Work site if you contact a Forum Administrator.


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