Free parking close to guys hospital London bridge area?

Hi everyone, I'm travelling to guys hospital and also St Thomas's hospitals soon for tests and I was hoping to get some tips on where I can park for free. I will be there all day and on my own so need to leave my car. I am coming far so already spending a lot on petrol. Am hoping to finally have a diagnosis of either lupus, myositis, both or something else!

Many thanks.

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  • Not a chance I'm afraid. Also driving in central London is very, very slow and you will need to pay the congestion charge unless you have a blue badge and have applied to TFL for concession not to pay. Public transport is the best way to travel. Also you need to bear in mind that Guys and St Thomas are not very near each other, so you will need to use public transport to get from one to the other.

    Apologies for sounding negative but unfortunately that is the downside of travelling in and around the London area. Hopefully it will be worth the effort of getting there. They are good hospitals.

  • Parking at those hospitals is horrendous. Good luck

  • Never tried it. Always gone by train. We have driven up a couple of times for theatre or art galleries which offer free blue badge parking, but it's such a nightmare getting there that we've given up except for Sunday's when it's quieter.

  • Personally if you are able, i would park in one of the suburbs and then train in.

  • I agree the best option is to park outside of London and get yourself a travel card - London traffic is horrendous and extremely stressful - much easier to get about on train/tube/bus. That's what I would do.

    Best of luck. Let us know how to get on.

    Kind regards.


  • I do not live in that area but I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with parking and your appointment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • to think when we lived in London 25 yrs ago and my grandson was born he had many problems and we could park outside the main tower of Guys free.. now 25 yrs later he is to have another kidney transplant but now we know we have to travel from Kent and then goodness knows good luck xx

  • I do not know how mobile you are but a suggestion is that you check out the surrounding areas for those that do not have parking restrictions and as a Londoner I am aware that there are a lot and then check out the local buses as they are very good rather than looking for parking meters that are so expensive and very few as most now are resident parking you have the worry that you might out stay your ticket time.

    You can Google this information and that will advise the best uncontrolled area for you to use.

    Good luck !

  • I have to go to Barts can't use transport so book hospital transport . You could try that & they may have inter hospital transport ie; one hospital to forget. To drive & then go home you will be exhausted or try parking at Richmond & get a one day travel card Good Luck .hugs to all

  • Meant to say one hospital to the other !

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