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rheumy results today re swollowing

i went to my follow up appt at the hospital today and told the rheumy about the pain tierdness etc but my main worry was the swollowing thing i told him that i kept having , he told me it didnt sound fibro related and now i have to have a barium swollow??? ive look this up and im scared now has anyone has this? also interestingly he said he was by the way standing in for dr.davies that he worked with the proffessor at kings colledge of fibro?? that they had found that anti deppressants had no effect afterall on fibro symptoms only deppression so im glad i came off them ! but if anyone has had this abrium could you let me know pls ty hugs xxx

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I haven't had an experience of a barium meal but I would love to know how you sleep now you have come off your anti depressants as soon as I come off them I just can't sleep go back on them and now I am really tired and off to bed ... I wouldn't say I was depressed they just make me nice and sleepy so would love any tips about sleep without them

Thanks VG x


hi v well i dont ever really have good sleeps but i read thats another sign of the great fibro! you never reach the deep stage or something , no what he was saying was it doesnt help with the brain to pain pattern i think , i do have the cocodamols and they help me sleep and obviously dim the pain , i forgot to say also the place i was waiting for to go stay in london at guys i think it was i had to turn down as i said id love to take part in it but it was so impracticali live alone have two dogs and another grandchild arriving anyday now , so he said he was going to refer me back to a pain doc , as the last one wasnt interested he said im intitled to see another for help! i still get the impression though that they seem to think its in the mind which makes my back go up a bit! like you im not depressed so i dont understand ! he said there isnt a miracle tablet yet for treating fibro but there definately finding a pattern in all of us having certain things in common! oh well plod on!!lol! xx


Thanks for that .... Honestly fibro and rhuemys make me so mad... My first rheumy said it wasn't fibro and treated me for RA which I didn't have and he made me really ill for a few weeks with the wrong meds... My second rehemetologist said it was fibro and osteo arthritis and made my neck worse. The 3 rd one got it right but then discharged me after getting me aids for the house and special insolesas he said my GP was managing my meds correctly

VG x


Could it not be GERDS, I suffer from Fibro 4 yrs but have not had a voice since January, also have problems swallowing, aparently this is due to GERDS, I have to await a date for a test, but they never said what kind of test. But he said it looks like GERDS and would need another operation, this will be the 2nd operation due to my muscles weakening, had anyone else had op's due to weakening of the muscles?


Hi fairytails ,Yes I have this although not all the time ,and some times I have been unable to wash it down with liquid .I get ulcers on the back of my throat as well,this is caused by acid reflux. I am going in to hospital as a day patient on 10th of April. I don't know what they are going to look at but I do know they are giving me an anaesthetic, as I am going for a preoperative examination tomorrow to make sure I am fit enough for surgery. I also have had a cough for two years.I have had xrays and been to ENT and it was him that referred me for this operation . Look after yourself xx


I am also referred and under ENT and to go see them after my tummy fixed


I too have probls swallowing, sometimes it feels like I'm going to choke then I panic. I thought it was fibro related, seeing as a lot of us has it .


Im not a doctor but could tell them it an autoimmune disease as my white blood count is low so have no immune system, so get every cold, sick bug going and also all my muscles are weaking, they need to come on sites like this and then they would learn a thing or to. What Fibro people need is to see a doctor who can assess from head to toe and put it all together.


Hi fairytails,

I too have this problem and have just been to see the ent specialist, I have had problems for a few years now, with swallowing, coughing, choking, hoarse voice, and my gp.s kept saying it was nothing! Typical! But just recently the symptoms were progressing fast so I insisted on seeing someone fast, and that's when I got the ent appointment, my consultant was very nice the best I probably had thank goodness, he explained everything to me, did the examinations along with the camera down my nose into my throaght- not the nicest of experiences but bearable just, and told me I have SILENT reflux, and this is similar to GERDS but you do not get the heartburn, so it goes undetected for a very long time, and because of this the damage is being done without you knowing!

I only know this because when I got home I did a lot of research to check it out (reputable sites) and I found out a lot more than I was expecting! My consultant was lovely and explained most things but he did not explain all, he is sending me for more tests on my oeasthougus so then we can check if any naughty thing s have happened ther considering my awful progressing symptoms, but please try not to worry, I have been given meds to control the acid now to stop any more damage been done, so hopefully these will work,

I did do a bit of googling and came across the Dr Oz show and they did a program about this condition, it is a bit of a worry once you have watched it, because it is called SILENT reflux the SILENT KILLER!!!!, and most gp.s are unaware of this! Incredible!

i did do more research and there is so much more info out there to back this up, so any of you out there who are having these symptoms please do go to your gp and insist on getting specialist attention it is the only way you will know for sure, it does not mean you will have any serious problems but it is best to be sure, in my case it had been going on for such along time, I am dreading what they will find,

best wishes to you all

Soft hugs



Hi fairytails i went to see proffessor davies 2 years ago i waited 6 months for the appointment and was in there 10 mins he found all pressure points and that was it then told me that a lot of fibomialgia patients end up in wheelchairs and bed bound which frightened the life out of me i was in agony thought he was going to be the person that would help was a waste of time i had no follow on appointment nothing was told if i wanted to see him again it would be a two year wait left in the lurch again so perhaps it was a good thing that you saw someone else. I have trouble with reflux but so far just been given tablets so im going to ask to be sent somewhere best wishes xx


i have had fibro for 8 years i have the problem of swallowing for a long time i found a site that helped me to understand fibro ,if you go to google and type in 100 symptoms of fibromyalgia ,it gives you all the symptoms you probably dont have all of them .but it explains the symptoms of fibro i found it very helpfull ,


Barium swallow is just drinking a dye while they x ray. Nothing to worry about x they'll tilt the table so hope you don't have blood pressure problems. Drink lots of water after cos the dye can bung you up, which isn't good for IBS...

Its just xray though

You'll be fine x


For the last two years, I have been suffering from catarrh reflux it drives me mad. Two weeks ago I got a chest virus which I still have. I have just finished Antibiotics and a bottle of cough mixture but still cant sleep for coughing and flem. Doctors don't seem to be able to help me. I'm on Omeprazole which also doesn't work, it can be socially embarrassing at times.


hi there fairytails..i have problems swallowing was sent to ENT now im a big girls blouse wen it comes to things that im not sure of so please be assured that it absolutly nothig to worry about...the consultant was very nice..i had a camera up my nose and honestly it was fine i promise you...he couldnt see anything so i was sent for a barium swallow...nothing at all to worry about..i just had to take top half of clothes off..1st they give you a spoonfull of lemon crystels then you hold it in your mouth and you are given about a tablespoon of water,,it then fizzes in your mouth and you are told to swallow...i must admit it did make me cough but was told that it was normal..the fizz part is to fill your tummy/tubes with [Still coughing but laughing as by this time it was a tickle in my throat] next you stand on a little platform whilst they out xray machine in place..then they give you a luiqid stuff [no taste] through a straw then the tell you to swallow..i think twice you had to swallow..and its a small amount as all the stuff didnt fill a small plastic cup..then you lie dont have to move the machine tips you flat then another two swallows ...then up you get and off you go home!! easy peasy..i promise you i want you to stop worrying as its nothing...then results go to consultant you go back and bobs your uncle...job done!..i was told nothing wrong..and the swallowing difficulties could be medication making mouth and throat dry,,,as i have throid tabs and they do make your mouth dry...and i realised that i had very little fluid/mucus [sorry] and my nose is dry..he said....yes thats what it will be....sorry its a long letter but i wanted to tell you step by step what happens...i am on my own so always go to these things by myself so i worry all alone:{ lol let me know jenny xxxx


Hi there, I've recently been having difficulty swallowing, but doesn't happen all the time. Bread seems to give me the most problems. I've not had a barium swallow, as far as I'm aware it's like thin porridge (without lumps). Hope it goes ok for you annd you get some answers. X


It's a common problem that not alort of docs tell you about. I've had it since my teens and it's anxiety related. It's called Globus Syndrome (Globus Hystericus) to give it it's proper name. The more you worry about it basically the worse it gets. I initially was in hosp for 2 weeks when I was bad with it 13 years ago and had barium swallow, endoscopy the lot. They discharged me as nothing physically wrong and then I got sent to psychiatrist who diagnosed me. Still get bad sometimes when some stressors have built up, but doc gives me Diazepam to chill me a bit and it usually goes away again! Barium swallow nothing to worry about. Take good care. Nikki xx


Hi Honey

I have reflux and Sjogrens Syndrome (two separate conditions)

this make swallowing difficult and is made worst if I get stressed

Are your eye's often dry too?

need fake tears ?

I have a nasty cough whenever I wake up for about two hours

There are so many things that affect swallowing it's best to have the tests anyway

Blood tests give a range that would indicate Sjogrens

more information on NHS Choices and Arthritis research uk websites

Hope you feel better soon



hey everyone i do apologise and ty for all your messages unfortunately ive been up the hospital for my mum ( never rains but pours:( ) so i do say sorry for not replying earlier ive read all posts and feel less stressed at what ive read anyway il keep u all informed xx lots of hugs to everyone keep warm and painfree too xxxx


I've had a bariu m It was years ago all I had to do was stand in front of the xray machine and swallow the barium they took pics as it went down easy peasy , good luck with yours.



ty xxx have a lovely easter :)


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