Sunday Lunch anyone?

Another ophs from Fibro foggyland

I prepared a roast earlier today. I put it in the oven. I went upstairs. My husband came in and said what time is lunch?

I went to the oven and you guessed it? I had not lit the oven . So Sunday lunch is hopefully going to be around 5pm in this house.

I am sure some would say so what? Well being awake as we are with Fibro some of us get hungry. Breakfast before 9 I was looking forward to the roast about 12.45!

I did have a snack of course but it was the expectation of roast.

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  • Wouldn't be the first time I have put the wrong oven on and came to check my cooking to find its not and you are wasting a hot oven! :)

  • And me, hubby has taken over most of the cooking and i have learnt to keep out of his way and to say nothing.

    the Lamb was cooked for 11 am today and had to be reheated at 2 pm.

  • I hate cooking for just the two of us but get flustered cooking for more :o

  • You should try cooking just for yourself. Cooking for two turns into real cooking for me. When I'm on my own something on toast becomes the norm 🐸

  • True enough, if I'm home alone it is quick and easy and something I cant forget about and burn :)

  • Lol. Yep, know that one 🐸

  • So you did the better of the two things that can happen in that case... Which for me, is just like you... That I did not turn the oven on at all or not setting a timer to go to check on the food in the oven and it ends up over cooking or burning. At least in this case your dinner is just delayed versus not good enough to eat anymore, right? Glad you had a snack and I hope you enjoy your wonderful roast! I be there at at 5pm...set a plate for :)


  • Yes been there and worn the Tshirt. Had to give up on roasts alltogether unless OH volunteers to heave it in and out of the oven for me and do the basting. If i had read your post earlier I would have been booking a place at your table as I had to make do with an omlette as it was the only thing I was capable of cooking today. I hope you had big fat Yorkshires, rich gravy, roasted potatoes - I'm fantasising as usual.x

  • Sorry but that did give me a giggle! I have not done that one yet? But hey, there is plenty of time.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have a four ring hob, came to boil an egg the other day, put the pan on the back ring, picked up bread board to butter bread, placed over two front rings so I could watch n time my egg....suddenly knock at the door, opened the door and talking on doorstep when the caller announced he could smell smoke.....turned around to find bread board alight, kitchen full of black smoke! I'd only lit the ring under the bread board and the egg was sitting in a pan of cold water!! Fibro fog at its best, luckily not too much damage but a charred x

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