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Channel 5 Programme did you see it?

Couple of weeks ago GP behind close doors had a lady diagnosed with Fibro.

So what? I here you cry.

Well spitting blood after cheering and why?

The GP went on camera to suggest there was a good chance the patient would recover from the condition and live a pain free life!

Who was deluded?

There is enough misinformation about Fibro I think without a medic strongly saying it was recoverable. Also this patient was offerd Hydrotherapy.......Lucky her as in my CCG we with fibro are denied that help.

My advise is to carefully monitor real medical programmes just in case some other programme maker wishes to perpetuate the myth of recoverable fibro!

She did not say this patient had a flare or any such that I could understand.

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I agree a typical g.p who knew. Naff all about fibro! Offered negative feedback instead of saying she would get some advise and see the patient again or writea to her


I saw it too. Good luck to the girl who thought she could deal with this syndrome without medication. However I do know 2 other "sufferers" who lead a normal life. Personally I am unable to sleep without my amitriptyline and gabapentin and I can have very bad days that can last for weeks. On the plus side I can also go for weeks when I am full of the joys of spring.


In my nursing years I worked with a g.p who had fibro and so he never turned away anyone with rubbish advise, it was he who "introduced" me to kenalog injections, I saw the difference in his suffering after 2 days and so I asked my rheumatologist to try it on me, it seems a few others at the pain clinic were also using this method, it is a powerful steroid and it killed MY pain and gave me energy and helped me to start aquatic therapies to keep the pain manageable, However you can only have this for a few years and at 4-6 month intervals as it DOES cause bone density to shrink, I had 2 dexa scans to check mine and the first was fine but at year 4 it was "IFFY" and so I had to stop, boy o boy did the pain come back with avengance!!


Makes you despair doesn't it? When the TV says things like this, people think there's been a new discovery and take fibro even less seriously. I didn't see it. Can't we get some fact sheets sent to this idiot doctor and point out how his ignorance just made things that little bit harder for all of us?

Thank you for posting this...




I saw this programme a few weeks ago, It's called GPs Behind Closed Doors, and it is from The Belham Practice in London. In fact I wrote a reply to someone on here who had commented on it positively. It is in fact a very good and accurate programme, and as I recall the GP in question treated the patient well, and give her written information, and if I'm not mistaken, the GP said after the consultation, "she would recover from the flare she was having, and with the right treatment, she could possibly live a normal life" and went on to explain quite accurately about Fibro.

The Dr did indeed offer the patient Hydrotherapy, and because it is London, there was no problem with her getting that.

The CQG have to adhere to NICE guidelines in treating Fibro, and that is 6 sessions, but if there are no available pools at your local hospital, and there are no funds in the kitty, then it is not a viable option.

Unless Fibro Fog has dimmed my memory, that is how I remember it, and replied to the person who put up the post about it.

I've just done a search on here and the post is headed Fibro on T.V.and it was put up by Hebden 19 days ago if you want to read it.

Take care.

GP. 😊😊


'Recover from the flare' is a little different...

Thank you very much for your post Greenpeace!


Terry I,d like to see a patient admitted to "24 Hours in A&E" and see what knowledge the"London brigade" have on this subject.. I,ve saw a M.E sufferer admitted some years back and she was given an infusion but of course I couldn,t see what they gave her>>

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Hi guys,

I sincerely hope that everyone is well today? I remember the episode like Greenpeace did? But i was wondering if anyone has been watching ''Benefits Britain - Life on the Dole?''

They have had a couple of Fibro suffers on this show. The gulf in treatment that they received was immense. As one person received both ESA and PIP, yet the other was declined these benefits and had to sign on for JSA!

All my hopes and dreams for you all


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Yes, I did see it and have to agree that while it was positive in the fact that she explained Fibro, she was rather optimistic about the outcome.

I had hydrotherapy, which I enjoyed. I never thought that sitting on a stool in the middle of a pool and trying to keep myself still would be so difficult lol. But, as with all these things, the maximum number of hydro sessions I could have was 6. After that I was on my own. Even in a city hydrotherapy pools are like hens teeth, so I have not been able to keep it up.

There was a diagnosis of Fibro on the Jeremy Kyle Emergency Room programme a few months ago. At least the Dr who made that diagnosis gave a truthful outcome. I'm no good on computers but you may be able to search for it. 🐸


I saw that programme and as I remember the GP only said the patient would recover from the 'flare' and did offer advice and support.

I find this programme very informative and the GPS give good advice.



Hay skit ,

Having seen where GPs prescribe Methotrexate to be taken once a week, and Folic Acit Tablets to be taken the same day, so the Folic Acid cancels the benefit that would have been received from Methotrexate. Even NICE guidance is to prescribe Methotrexate for one day, and Folic Acid for the rest, seems to be ignored.

So many GPs don't either know how to diagnose our friend Fibro, loads of blood tests, which are just a waste of money. As you know, Fibro is a clinical diagnosis, testing X points around the body, and for a period of three months to prove continually. I now take in print-outs from the net if I find something new.

I am lucky, my GP is a qualified teacher and often has a student with him, so we have a three way conversation with all of us taking part, including how I take the medication to gain the best benefit. I have been GP managed for 8.5yrs, and have no problem getting an appointment with John, or his backup Robin, as the surgery has 11am and 4pm appointments you can get that day.

There is massive misconception about Fibro, what it is and how it affects you. I am tempted to create a poll, asking people what affects them under the 'Fibro' umbrella. Compile a list of the most common symptoms, and allow others. Then we have something concrete to send to the doughting Thomas's.

What do you think, worth the effort, or justified in the sky ?

Hayesider t


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