Found it, hooray!!!!

Well peeps you can stop searching. I've found the sexy wrist splint so won't have to fess up to scary new OT on Tuesday. Whew! It was, of course, in the most obvious of places - in the kitchen hidden in a basket under a pile of oven gloves. Now fibro might make me as mad as a box of frogs sometimes but I know for a fact I've never tried to use said item as an oven glove or, indeed, tried to squeeze an oven glove on over it. I can only assume there is malice afoot. Having seen how much male attention I get when modelling the stunning accessory, my love rivals are trying to undermine my gorgeousness and steal my suitors. As the splint wasn't in the least bit soggy and no sign of aquatic weed, I can only assume VG has been falsely acting as stooge to put me off the scent. I am busy training up the resident chihuahua to attack intruders instead of licking them to death. You have been warned (please imagine emoticon for snarly face as not got Moffy's skills)

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  • Yup you have it i was forced by moffy Sandra and KazF to act as decoy while they located said wrist splint, hid it ....and then stationed themselves along your road disguised as bins bushes and a bird table to intercept all your suitors dazzled by your sexy wrist splint... In fact I think they plan to ambush your new OT replace them with Gins and give you a pathetic crepe bandage on Tuesday to dimish your charms.....

    Yours VG the snitch ;)

  • Hmmmm ...... Gins and tatty bandage v intimidating OT. Will decide on Tuesday which is the better option.

  • Curses! My dastardly plot has been discovered! Kaz - what we going to do now - our careers as criminal master-minds is under threat!

    PS. I can't do a snarly face - does anyone know how? I WANT ONE!!!! stamps foot

  • Exaggerated despair. Oh no Moffy! Whatever will we do now they have discovered the 'plot' we hatched!

    That should keep them busy while we get on with the REAL plot, eh!

    Mwhahaha. :-D

  • ;o :z

  • But they don't work on here so the best I can suggest is you take a photo of you snarling and swap them about :)

  • hi guys I managed to put it back in a basket of hundreds of oven gloves - why would you need that many? and no sign of any baking... this needs further investigation,

    many of them were from famous hotels... curiouser & curiouser...

    anyone missing an oven glove?

  • I don't know my OH cooks ooohhh goes off to check oven gloves in case my OH is one of Mistys many admirers I will sneakily slip into a conversation if he finds wrist splints enticing..


  • Oh no, just had a thought. Maybe my popularity with men isn't the splints after all but the trail of buns :( Seriously, Sandra, who in their right mind would leave evidence of baking? Even at my foggiest I can manage to remember to eat cake!

  • I missed the cake? I knew I should've gone earlier. drat!

  • Mmmm, yummy scrummy. Sorry you missed it! :-p

  • boo hoo 1 :'(

  • Screams oven gloves are missing ....and in his sleep last night my husband mumbled something like oh what a wristsplint and I love your buns... This morning he insisted he said I,ve got whiplash and bunions but i am not convinced ;-(

  • :D

  • I personally think you should go to the OT wearing an ovenglove!! Can you imagine their reaction lol?! :-D :-D

  • Hmmmm - think the nice men in white coats with their comfy padded van might get involved. Mind you, after the day I've just had sandwiched between rude patients and grumpy doctors, it might be an attractive option! Must be something in the air today :'(

  • I think we should all wear individual oven gloves on our hands - they're warm, comfy and you never know when you might be passing a house where can steal a cake or pie! :P

    name withheld.

  • Think I'll opt for a novelty crocodile one so it blends in. That way they'll never suspect and hide the pies.

  • I've got one of them! and a duck one too. I bought them in woolies.

    good idea camouflage oven gloves. ;)


  • Ohhh I have a sheep I want to be part of the novelty oven glove gang

    Hmmm please, do we get a membership card?

  • We can't have anything incriminating in case the pie rustling is ever detected. We could maybe have a secret password so we could identify bona fide gang members.

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