ESA Appeal. help!

My partner has received his letter saying that ESA has been declined and we have an appeal pending because he scored 0 out of 15 on the medical blah blah blah..........anyway theyve said it could be October before the appeal happens and we need to collect evidence. So far we have sent a drs letter in as our GP wont refer him to a rheumatologist or pain clinic.

Is it worth me writing a statement and sending that in stating how him having fibro is affecting our family? (one child under 2 one on the way!) or will they just throw that out like they have the drs report?

Any help and advice would be much appreciated. I know I'm not the one with fibro but I see my partner struggling every day and not being able to play with our child. (Im also the proactive one in the relationship lol)

Many thanks for reading.

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  • ooo what a bunch of arghhhhhh !! oh yes it is worth you and others doing statements.Thats what i did after they turned me down. I got ex-collegues to do letters about the person i used to be fully active and now mostly housebound. My mum did a letter, my daughter (she was 16) i also had a lovely lady who helped take my son to nursery as her daughter also attended and she did a little letter to say how immoblie i was and how she helped. I also started to write down how i felt not every day as i couldnt but especially when it was really bad. I am usless with consistantcy now but i had about 5 or 6 pages from over the months so i submitted them too. xx

  • oo forgot sorry i also sent off for a fibro leaflets from fibro help sites and put them in with a list of all my symptoms and what the pains r like for me. I believe that it was all that evidence that helped me because doctors etc cant understand fully ever only we and those we love do xxx

  • Thankyou ill have a looksie :)

  • I read about keeping a diary...and did tell him about it but boys will be boys where writing down feelings are concerned lol I'll write my statement tomorrow. I really didnt know if they'd just think I was 'playing up' to the FM diagnosis. There are may people in this world that play up to the benefits system but I can assure you we are not those people. It makes me really angry that on top of having FM and me being 8 months pregnant we now have to stress and worry about this sodding appeal. (youve got me ranting now lol) Il see if i can get him to write some sort of diary and get his parents to write a statement also. Thankyou for your advice. :)

  • no probs :) lol i bet :) maybe if he sees it as just a list not a diary and just jotted down evry now and again what pain and symptoms down sometimes i did it afterwards. I know its awful how people can make you feel and with the baby it must be so stressful. you are not playing up to anything its all those dodgey people that make it harder for us who truely know what its like. I know of alot of people who felt that their gp was failing them and searched out other doctors who were more knowlegable about fibro. now for tonight you should try and rest you need looking after too, try and get a restful sleep and tomorrow is hope and can hopefully do what you need too and get others help :) xx :)

  • Hello fibrowife, unfortunately ATOS seem to score the majority of people no points, or not enough to keep on receiving ESA. Its not fair that so many of us that are struggling get this extra stress.

    I was going to put pretty much what Chris put, but I do have one bit of info which might help - below is a link to the actual manual they use for scoring points. It is very long, but if you go to page 6, the contents page, it gives information on what sorts of things they will ask you, and how they award the points. Hope this helps!

    I would recommend reading each section on page six as this might help give your info on how to answer their questions. If you click on a specific subject, it will take you to the section.

    If I can help further let me know, I went to appeal, then tribunal then won, so have a little bit of knowledge on this!

    Gentle hugs xxx Tracy

  • Find another GP. Contact your local CAB they maybe able to help you.

  • My GP refused to refer me to a rheumatologist on the NHS, but agreed to refer me privately so I could have more evidence for my DLA application.

    That private visit led me to getting quite a bit of help on the NHS afterwards. It just goes to show that it's all down to money. And that sucks.

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