Read on for a tale!!!

I went into the shop and across the room my eyes met hers,which was strange as I wanted a male, but she was so pretty and I knew I just had to have her no matter what....!!!

(So I went up to the pet store owner and a georgeous black & white female hamster I named pandora was mine!!!!) I have been a few months without a hamster In The house and I hated it!!!,so pandora is now living in a hamster mansion!!!

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  • Lovely and so awwwwwwwwwwww as you probably know I can't be without my little furries either..........

    ............................little furry bundles of fun :)

    I wish you many cuddly fun times and mischief of course! we know they like to pull the wool over eyes now and again :D Have you taken a picture yet? I'd love to see her :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby girl. :P :P

    hope you have fun with her hugs sue

  • Lucky Pandora !!

  • That is so sweet, thank you

    Ken x

  • Ahhh my furries are my therapists!! I so understand. I have a beautiful grey (technically blue) cat called Pandora!! She's a real character & will be 3 years old this June - I love the name!! My granddaughter calls her Panda (a more unlikely looking Panda you couldn't get but it's sweet!!). I feel my Pandora would not make the best playmate for your Pandora (!!) but wish you many lovely times together. xx

  • You have reminded me of Tales from the River bank read by Johny Morris

    I can hear the music now la la la lllllllllllllla la la lllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa i am rubbish hehe

  • I used to love that :D hee hee hee memory lane :) xx

  • used to love that too...:) Think I thought they were really talking, even though I knew they weren't I'd forget ha ha :)

  • Aw lovely! Pics please :)

  • Ha ha ha , I did sometime ago start writing a funny little book about my hamster Charlie (who lived to be 3yrs and3months which is very unusual) and I still miss him ,I even taught him to do a couple of tricks!!!(no ,not juggling,or dancing!!nothing too elaborate to go on britains got talent!!) he was a bit of a Houdini!! I let my friend and partner read what I had started writing (so far 8 pages long)and they both agree I should carry on with it as it is hilarious and interesting, ( move over tales of the river bank!!!)but I have been really ill of late &haven't been in the right head space so perhaps I should continue it!!! I have always had a mansion for them to live in with lots of toys to stop them getting bored,I hate the small cages you get for hamsters ,they don't have enough room,I don't think your pandora will be invited round to meet mine!!!

    I did read that having a pet if you are poorly is therapeutic, also animals never judge you!!!!

  • P.s can't remember how to upload pictures!!!

  • I know exactly what you mean EJ I have huge tanks and also rotastax stuff for mine (I have 5 roborwski's, all boys) and they get to run about outside in their balls for 2 hours at a time socialising they really are sweet. When they climb in the balls I say 'got a kiss for me?' and they come to the opening lean forward and rub noses with me it makes me smile every time. They are proper little performers too and very cheeky :D

  • If I tried that I'd have a hamster hanging off my lip :P

  • Give it time got to talk to them as well as handle them and 'cookie' the hamster is new

    :) :) :)

  • Yeah, she's doing well for just a week. I think she's been bored out of her skull - classic signs of hyperactivity. Loves her ball now and getting better on the table.

  • Oh my god pippa you have just shattered my dream ,that the animals in tales of the river bank were in fact miming,you just can't trust anything these days can you!!! , I think you are mistaken they could really talk!!! Next you will be telling me Santa isn't real you little terror!!!!

  • LOLOLOL you took the thought right outta my head :o

  • Wash out your mouth with soap

  • I have heard through the grapevine, that ATOS are to be replaced by hamsters ,then we will okay!!! They are going to take over the world ,just like " planet like planet of the apes"!!!(planet of the hamsters!! Got a ring to it I reckon!!!

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