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In the middle of the toy isle in Tescoes

I turned the corner and met some one who I had not seen for many years she asked me "How are You?"

"Fine" I replied about 20mins later and I am holding onto the shelving and my stick after talking of the children and grand children she says

"So how are you really?"

" Really Not good" I mumbble not looking her in the eye

"Of course you are always so smiley it is difficult to tell" was her reply. How nice I thought to be remembered for being happy!

I guess it will b another 10 years before we speak again ( probably just as well) .:) we part smiling at each other :) x gins

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Some people just have no clue, I suppose its nice she rememered you for your smiles, but I know how very often smiles hide the pain xxx



i think the hardest thing about FMS is the fact we hide it .. I include me in this

maybe we need to say i have FMS and i am in pain .. if this person was important you could go to the tesco cafe .. or swop numbers ?

there is a brave face and a very brave face so choose the one you need and be kind to your self at least we know what a wonderful lady you are

gentle dyslexic hugs


thank you lexie hugs to you x gins


Include me too! I tend not to mention it to people other than family because no-one ever understands and even when I explain they tend to look blankly as if to say "well you're upright, it can't be that bad!"

In some ways we are our own worst enemy, but why should we have to convince people that we are ill. That's my issue. We struggle every day with our Fibro and other conditions. Just once it would be nice if someone out there understood apart from the odd understanding GP and Consultant. I am sure most of us think like this. Take care everyone. :)


I dont expect others to understand something I dont totally understand myself so unless it is to my benifit I dont try... I was with my husband outside having Lunch ( sitting on my mobility scooter ) and I heard my name called it was a lady I worked with 10yrs back, her first words ..... You look really well !!! I looked at her than at my scooter .. Errmm in the face you do, she said with a smile ... Lol. Yes we are our own worse enemy but is there any point to try and explain when a bit of catching up and reminience brings a smile and a nice warm feeling


Why is it that with fibro we look ok but the pain is just so bad. However, i have a few friends who can detect when I am going downhill rapidly, it just seems to happen so quickly. However, partner keeps asking what is wrong? Duh I just told you I was in a bad way with pain. Have had people tel me that I am not really disabled because I use a mobility scooter.


Can so put myself there... Here's a big smile for you :-D just because you deserve one!!

Gentle Hugs xx


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