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good day

Trust all are well. I need some advice please. My daughter is 21 and recently the gynea discovers she's not ovulating. He put her on Yaz tablets to control her period as she bleeds like 3 weeks for a month. She almost finished her second packet and no period since she started. is this normal as my gynea advise it is. As a mother I feel very uncomfortable with this. Many Thanks

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  • Hello there

    As this is a Fibromyalgia forum I was wondering whether you have posted on the correct forum?

    Does your daughter have Fibromyalgia?

    Wishing you wellness and peace

    Lu xx

  • Hi There

    I'm so sorry no she does not. I havent been on this site for a very long time.

  • It's not a problem 😊 I just wasn't sure that you would get the advice you were hoping for on this forum xx

  • I think Shahieda has fybro and is a member of this forum 😃

  • hi there yes I am but I was for a very long time not active on this site...but I always read it on a daily basis.


  • Yes, I wasn't questioning that. What I was trying to establish is whether the advice wanted was for someone with Fibro 😀

  • 😃👍

  • If her gynae has told your daughter that she will be amaenoreic then you shouldn't be worried if she doesn't have her period. Gynaes are the experts in this field. They know what they are doing. 🐸

  • Hi there thank you very much. Contraceptives could never agree with my system and I ended up with a hystorectomy...i was just abit worried as Dr said shes not ovulating and decided to put her on this tablet. according to my knowledge when you on a pill you should get a period but then again not everyone are the same. Thank you very much for the reply.


  • Some pills are designed so no period is going to happen. It could be to build her body up in order to reboot it, like you do with the computer. I'm sure one of the nurses at the clinic would be able to put your mind at rest. I used to think the kids would stop worrying me when they got older. Boy was I wrong lol. My best wishes for her, please don't give up hope 🐸

  • Hi, I see from your profile that you have been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia but have not posted for a long time, I. do hope your daughter gets her treatment sorted out soon, how is your fybro now?

  • Hi there

    Its still on and off...for the past few days its been terrible..my body is so sore every morning that wake up. Norflex doesnt even help anymore. I've been on leave for two weeks and I'm more drained than ever. I've made peace with this. i take it one day at a time. Sometimes I feel so miserable and just annoyed with everything...But most of all I thank God that I'm still alive. Thank you so much for the concern I defn know I'm not alone. Take care


  • What's the weather like in South Africa, warmer than in the UK I'll bet, we're all going rusty over here from the non stop rain😃 Seems you've accepted you're fybro which is the only way , and like you say live the day, hope to see you posting more often.

  • Good morning

    It's raining here this morning. We so thank full for the rain as water are scarce. We still in summer though and its hot at night.I always dreamt to visit UK as a child.Have a blessed day

  • I do not personally know anything about this, but I would like to genuinely and sincerely wish your daughter all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi have a read up on Yaz questions being asked on it lately as a young girl died from taking as a high does of Etheline Estradiol which is very synthetic makes you prone to blood clots etc.

    Ask them about one Called Zoely which is estradiol 17beta more natural 1.5mg hope that helps?

  • good afternoon

    thank you very much for this information. i will consult my gynea aswell as my GP as this something I honestly did not think of.

  • Hi it was designed for people that had problems with "conventional" pills (synthetic types)=cheap. they do cost more though so many i guess don't like to give but far safer

    Hope ok to post. duckduckgo.com/?q=zoely+con...


    Hope that gives you some info

  • Please don't take yaz!! It has some very bad side affects!! My niece lost her arm due to it. She had always had problems with that arm. But that Med caused some major problems!! Please monitor her!!!

  • Hi that was why it flagged up in my brain as high synthetic dose of Estrogen heard a few cases from my trawling the net on my travels

    guess part of being autistic with Asperger's helps as see things just like that and can put into context!

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