Good morning everybody...I just need some advice please. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year. beginning of the year my sister passed and I was under alot of stress. sitting everyday for a week at hospital next to her bedside I hardly ate. I felt some spasm in my colon. a week ago i had severe pain on my left side (abdomen) I had oneday abit of diarhee...then after 3 days i could go to the toilet. I saw my gp but because I've got a history of ovarian cyst he sent me to my gynea...well gynea did a scan and thank God no cyst but colon was blocked. He prescribed me 2 x 135ml Lenolax which cleansed it. After a week i still get on and off pain but I go to the toilet regulary now. Can this be IBS (irrited bowl syndrome) how long does it normally last? I'm so tired of pain. This morning I got up very moody as my left side was paining but after I started to walk and move around the pain subsided.

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  • IBS is usually but not always the opposite, the urge to go, often at embarrassing moments, with or without pain.

    This reply is too brief so please check it out elsewhere. It may mean you need to go back to the doc.


    IBS may be linked to Fibro but its not guaranteed. Stress is often linked too, and you've had enough of that.

    How long does it last? How long is a piece of string? Sadly I can't give an answer even to that. Could it be you've made a sudden shift in what you eat?

    Take care of the painkillers you use as a couple have a reputation for encouraging constipation.

    I wish you fortune in your search for an answer. :)

  • Thank you very much fenbadger...I truly highly appreciate the feedback. have a Blessed day further

  • Unfortunately I have IBS and swing between constipation and Diarrhoea. I was placed on a tablet called Mebeverine which I take 3 time a day before meals and it help. Not a complete cure but it does keep thing on a more even keel. As Fenbadger says it is not always the same for everyone :)

    Best advice is to go back to your GP and tell them the symptoms again. I hope you get it sorted, it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing :)

  • Thank you very much for the advice Dear...There's such alot of things going through a persons mind when you get these pains. Take care and keep well.


  • Good day, thank you very much for sharing and advice. I really do appreciate all the support and advice.

    Take care and keep well


  • You have had a lot on your plate recently and it and s asy to start to think the worst. The more you stress the worse IBS can be, support is only a click away. Take care of yourself and i hope everything settles for you :)

  • good day Dear...thank you very much...it's just amazing how the body work if it had enough and the kind of signs it shows us. keep well and thank you again

  • Hi shahieda, so sorry to hear of your loss, my Mum passed away June of last year and I know what it's like to sit and watch someone slowly leave you. I'm not surprised you had problems like IBS, stress makes our bodies react physically. I alternate between severe constipation and having to rush to the toilet to get there in time. I once had an X-ray taken of my lower back and you could see it all built up down there, I couldn't believe an X-ray could show the poop too! I find if I avoid foods that make the build up of wind and pain worse, like pulses and onions, for example, then I avoid the worst of the condition. If your pain gets worse though, best see your gp for advice - I wouldn't want you to ignore something that needs looking at. Good luck and gentle hugs, Julie xxxx

  • Hi Julie thank you very much. atleast I'm not imagining the pain. I'm so sorry for the passed of your mom. I never knew that stress and worrying can make you so sick. My sister in law advised me to try celery, spinach and parsely. she made it into a pulp and I drink now since the weekend with a glass of apple juice with one teaspoon of the pulp. It's actually nice and i've been going every morning to the toilet. just this left side pain that worry me abit as I'm not sure if its all part of IBS.I felt embarassed too last Tuesday when my gynea did a scan from below..."what an embarassing feeling" Once again thank you Julie. Keep well and take care Dear xxx

  • As others have said the trouble with fibro is that it is often linked in with IBS which can cause both constipation and the trots and a combination of both. Many of the meds we are given unfortunately can cause constipation.

    I've just read your last post and it looks as though things have settled down a bit for you with your sister in laws potion. Sometimes it is just hitting on the right thing that suits your system.

    You have been under extreme stress and that can really affect your bowel habits. I have IBS and often have the pain towards the lower left hand side but if all this is a new symptom for you like some of the others have said I would have a word with your doctor.x

  • Its a problem isn't it? And so painful.

    Many years ago I was taken to the Drs with a severe pain in my lower left side tummy. Everyone seemed to think it was appendicitis - wrong side though! The Dr diagnosed spastic colon caused by me not going to the loo when I needed to due to being in meetings, travelling etc, and holding on until later when often the urge had passed. He advised that I leave meetings the minute I felt I needed to and to release wind at the time I needed to and not hold it in. Not particularly lady-like! Both suggestions have helped and I only occasionally get the pain now.

    I also have intermittent IBS - sometimes needing to get to the loo urgently several times in the morning - often one after another until I feel there couldn't be anything left! And then need to go some more!

    Luckily this isn't all the time. A change in diet has helped, but often it causes temporary constipation. I've tried cutting out carbs as much as possible as I was getting bloated and putting on weight. sometimes high protein and green vegs helps to stabilise and sometimes it has the opposite effect. I can't win. It seems that I need to find whatever works at that time and that varies.

    Good luck with your IBS and Fibro. ;-)

  • good morning Dear, Thank you very much for the advice. I truly appreciate it . Your pain sounds exactly like mine. I'm still drinking the celery, spinach and parsely with apple juice and it seems to subside the pain abit.i use to hold back aswell. always too busy. seems that's a female thing. I'm also trying hard to eat small portions now. Thank you to all for the advice and concern.

    Have a Blessed day further


  • This is not something that I have, (luckily) but I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


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