Hi been to see doctor tonight and she has took me off my morphine patch and replaced it with tablets which I am happy about better than having burn marks on my arms she said she had letter off fit for work people and in her word she said being assessed over the phone is ridiculous and way to premature seeing as I have had same pain for 12 months they think ringing back in two weeks everything will change lucky I have understanding gp 

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  • Hi Bambamsnan

    I am delighted that you have some new medication and I sincerely hope that it works really well for you. I also want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment. Fingers crossed for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Yes, sounds like a great GP.

    Can I ask what pills you were given instead of the patches?

    Gentle hugs


  • Hi it says on box mst slow release tablets little brown ones hope that helps 


  • Hi, can I ask what tablet your doctor put you on and what strength of patch you were on, I only ask as I am coming off my Morphine at the mo, I want to come off of all my meds as I have been on for 10 years and I need to start again and see what helps me. I don't want to go near morphine again so interested in any tablets that might be helping with Pain. take care and I am glad you have an understanding GP, not many about where Pain is the subject...soft hugs

  • Hi on pregablin and naproxen but still in a lot of pain nothing has helped really the morphine took the sharpness of the pain in my side but didn't help with the pain it's self hope that's a help to you good look 


  • hi. thanks for reply, i am and have been on pregabalin as well for years, i have try naproxen over the years too. good luck to you x

  • I'm glad you no longer have to deals with the burnt arms..I have seen people that have b them on and I wonder how it's not miserable!! The main thing is your ok with it.Have a nice day Peck 🌻

  • Glad that you have a replacement Med and that you have such an understanding GP.  I hold out no hope with the ones we have signed with a month in and they still haven't sorted out my repeat prescriptions.  Would move to the only other doc in the catchment area but they have just been in the paper and have been out under special measures.  It starts to make our old GP look outstanding.

    I have never heard anything so ridiculous as them trying to do an assessment by telephone, I think k they have all taken leave of their senses.  Good luck with everything keep us informed. X

  • I had to stop using the Buprenorphine patches as well due to the terrible skin reaction. My GP prescribed Fentanyl patches for me and I have not had any allergic reaction. I did have the morphine tablets and they made me really sick.

    I hope that the tablets work for you.

    Best wishes.


  • Technically it is illegal to prescribe morphine over the phone! I am on MST slow release tablets purple ones the colour denotes the strength mine are 40 mg twice a day. They really help, I had to play around with the dosage with my GP, I wanted pain relief but not to be a Zombie! However, I also have Oramorph for breakthrough pain, this as it suggests is a quick acting painkiller, very effective but can make you woozy and sick, I only ever use it at home or in hospital. Never used patches and don't like the sound of burns! However, the tablets go through your digestive system where as the patches don't. So there may be a chance of constipation, a change in diet helps but I take Doucutose a laxative from GP as I can't bare constipation! Lol

    Best wishes

    Patrick X

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