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Tight chest


I don't know whether this is a symptom of fibromyalgia or not , I wondered if anybody else feels the same way. At the moment I feel like someone is sitting on my chest and it feels tight! I thought I was getting a chest infection just before the new year but it never developed! Sometimes I can hear my chest crackling when I take a deep breath does anyone have this problem like me? Some days it's worse than others especially in a morning it's been on going for a while now and its starting to worry me any answers please? Xxx to

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Have you had any difficulty breathing? Do you hear any wheezing? Do you have anyone who can listen to your breathing for wheezing or crackling? If they put their ear against your back where your lungs are and you breathe deeply like you do for the Dr. they should be able to hear unusual breathing sounds. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, and these are not normal for you, I'd make an app't. to see your Dr. and have it checked out.

If you go to the Dr. and nothing is found to be wrong, this must include anything being wrong with your heart. If you still get a clean bill of health, and you still feel chest tightness, I wonder if it's possible if it could be a little bit of anxiety. This doesn't explain the crackling, so I don't know about that symptom. It would be unexplained. If it could be anxiety, you could look up the many other symptoms of anxiety and see if you have any of those. I think you would have to find other symptoms to go along with the chest tightness before you'd conclude you had some anxiety. You could also consider what could possibly be the source of your anxiety. If you find there is none, well, that's a real puzzle and I certainly have no answer for you.

Get an appt with your doc ASAP !! I had pneumonia in 2014 and you need to ask for x-ray if they don't do it . It is not a Fibro symptom in my opinion!!!



I have a problem where I get pain in between my actual rib bones close to my spine and also at the front on and near my sternum. I've been told it's costochondritis (I can never remember how to spell it!). It feels tight sometimes and I get stabbing pains or pain when I breathe deeply. I don't have any crackling with this though.

I have asthma and that makes me wheeze sometimes but no crackling. I've had chest infections that feel similar to all the things I've said above like you but that's the only time there's crackling.

If it was me I'd be thinking I'd definitely get it looked at as, like another poster said, it could also be heart related. I never hesitate if I'm worried by chest symptoms as it could be very serious and had gone to A&E 3 times and my GP twice before I was satisfied with it being costochondritis and each time I was reassured by those investigating that I had done the right thing in taking it seriously especially as heart and lung problems are common in my family.

All the best, hope you get it sorted

Clare xx


costochondritis -what is this exactly and what are the symptoms?some have said pain inbetween the ribs but my pain is in the bone itself-and sternum-.is protrusion of ribs caused by anything or does it "just happen".the end of my ribs on left are more

pronounced and feel like something digging in behind rib,

MollyD in reply to Hidden

The ribs are attached to the sternum by pieces of cartilage which give the rib cage flexibility when we breathe - allows it to move in and out. Your pain is classic costochondritis. Sometimes it is so severe it has been mistaken for a heart attack.

BlueMermaid3 in reply to Hidden

Hi craftwork

You asked about Costochondritis. The symptoms are quite severe chest pain mostly in the middle of the chest.

I was diagnosed with it about 18 months ago. I was told that it is inflammation in the chest wall, between the ribs, that causes the pain.

That's the best way I can describe it. I'm not medically trained, but just passing on what I've been told by my GP.

Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu x


thanks Molly,no medic has even mentioned costochondritis or explain it.dies it cause protrusion?all i got told was inflammation

MollyD in reply to Hidden

There may be some inflammation but it is mainly tenderness that is felt. I have had this and it is painful. Anti-inflammatory tabs such as Naproxen give some relief.

Hi there

Chest pain can be a symptom of Fibro, but if your chest is crackling then you need to go and see your GP urgently as this could be a sign of a chest infection and the possible start of Pneumonia.

I have had Costochondritis twice and Pneumonia twice (and I've had Fibro over 30 years). With Costochondritis you don't get crackling on your chest.

I am not medically trained but I have had both Costochondritis and Pneumonia so I know that was the difference was when I had it.

I would urge you to see your GP so that he/she can listen to your chest just to be on the safe side.

Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu xx

Like you Lu. I have had several bouts of pneumonia and costochondritis once you've had them you'll understand the difference. Pneumonia I would always recommend going to GP or A&E. It can come on fast and be deadly, plus our generally lower immune system doesn't help. I have had costochondritis many many times now an I am happy to lay peacefully for half an hour meditating and wait for it to pass. Any doubts in the slightest and straight to A&E and professional help.

Good luck Gypsylee. As it has been going on for a while I would make an appointment and sort it out, these thinks rarely go away by themselves!


Thank you for all your comments I will make an app to see the doc xx

Please could you let us know how you get on? xx

Certainly will I've got an app tomorrow xx

people should always get chest pain checked out, i have had people attend with what they have thought was nothing when they have had a heart attack. I would rather have 50 false alarms rather than miss the one that was true.

Problem with chest pain is it can be so many things, inflammation, muscle pain, lung problems, tummy problems,heart problems, referred pain from somewhere else and of course costochondritis which can be part of fibro. Unless you know your own please get it checked, try and write down ALL symptoms even if you feel they are minor as that can help in a diagnosis. Normally if someone walks in looking reasonably well then they probably are - but not always

Hope all goes well today


Wheezing or crackling in the chest is a sure sign of infection. There's a lot of viruses going round so go to the doctor and get antibiotics. It's the only way to clear it. I've had it since new year so I know how you feel.

It certainly doesn't sound like a symptom of fibromyalgia. Please let me know how you get on tc X Jan

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I can see that you have an appointment tomorrow with your GP, so I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi gypsie lee personally I think it's all the stress we have to live with that causes this I have never had this type of problem until I suffered with fibro and the idiots who know nothing about it but will insist on giving you their insight and knowledge on the problem although they haven't a clue, no one thinks I take things to heart but I do and I've noticed it more since I have fibro and get the negative reaponses as I now suffer from panic attacks which I have never had before. But to be on the safe side go and get checked by ur doctor better be safe than sorry.


thank you ken and all the others I am going to the docs tomorrow to get checked out I will let everyone know how I go on x

Hey G,

Get your ass to the doctor! Even if it is a fibro thing, it sounds like something you don't want to fool around with. I can't say that I've ever had those feelings, other than when I had a cold or similar. Like Clare, I always have pain around my rib cage. On my side and my back. It hurts like hell all the time.

I don't know what your GP, or the other doctors you see are like, but don't let any of them just write off a new symptom, as a fibro thing. That's just being lazy, if you ask me. I had a pain specialist who was always trying to do that. She was really a lousy doctor, on so many levels. I had to ask my GP for a referral for a different pain doc. I don't want to rub it in or anything, but my GP is great. I never feel rushed when I see her. She actually listens to me. And if she's unsure of something, she will immediately hop on the computer for the answer.

Remember, it's ok to "pester" your doctors. You don't have to agree or accept everything your doctor says. Ask questions, change doctors, do whatever you have to do. You're the patient and the one whose in pain. Fibro is still very uncharted waters, to most doctors. The good one's admit that and all the others just waste your time...

Sorry for preaching, but I want you to feel better and we all know fibro sucks!


I know sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac! Over 2 years ago I never ever went to the docs and now it's like I'm never away! But yes your right it needs to be checked out! x

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