Is this Costochondritis (chest pain)?

I have just watched the poignant video posted and the first symptom shown was costochondritis and I wondered what other people's experiences of this were. I've never been diagnosed with it. When I've read about it, it says it goes on for weeks, but when I've had this pain it last a few seconds or minutes. The longest ever was over half an hour. When I've had it it has been like a vice across my chest and I'm unable to breathe in (breathing in or moving makes it worse) and it's really horrible and frightening. It feels like I'd imagine a heart attack to feel.

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  • yes what u experience is small bout of costochondritis, for u ur fortunate it doesnt last long, ive unfortunatlly been diagnosed with it after being admitted to hospital a good few times with what was thought to b a heart attack, now i dont even bother phoning gp im that used to it

  • We need to be careful never to diagnose over the internet as we cannot know all the details.

    If something hasn't been checked out by a doctor, get it checked out. Chest pain is particularly important for this.

  • Thanks for your replies. Yes, it is worrying and frightening xx

  • I also get chest pain. It starts in the centre of my chest and expands up in to my thoat and sometimes even down my left arm. It is so painful you can't breathe or speak. It has been diagnosed as esophageal spasm. They ruled out angina and checked my heart - nothing. As there is no treatment, there's nothing I can do about it.

  • Hi Dee - that's interesting, because one GP said to me she thought it was esophagus spasm.

  • I also have this some times it hurts thought i was having heart attack at first

  • hi kirby i havnt been diagnosed with costocohndritis but im sure that must b wot ive got i get pains in my chest and middle of my breast bone and they go up into my shoulders and my neck, thought once i was having a heart attack called an ambulance and they said everything was ok ,very frightening tho .xx

  • It is, Tofty. I once phoned NHS Direct in middle of night but as I'd had it several times before and I had passed off I hoped it would again. It did eventually. xx

  • I have this too, but when I first experienced it I thought I was going to have a heart attack too! It is VERY scary, even now because it's so painful. I usually have this for up to 2 days at a time, then it subsides and appears maybe a couple of weeks later again for a couple of days..........and so the cycle continues. I use Mindfulness to get through it as that's the only thing that works.

  • I get chest pain quite a lot but a couple of weeks ago I got a really bad pain in my chest through to my back and round my left side. It was very painful and couldnt breath properly, I really thought it was a heartatack, my sister called for an ambulance and I was in the hospital for 8 hours getting checked over. It wasnt my heart thankgod but it was very painful. I at least know my heart is ok which is abig worry off my mind. just another symptom of fibro.

  • i have been given this diagnosis by one rheumatoiogist. whom did not suggest any treatment but he was also assessing my fibromyalgia. my chest wall is very painful and i have to undo my bra or go without which is not good when you are large breasted 45 yr old! in my first year i called out ambulance twice as i had pain in my back which went around to my front and i could not breath, i kept calm, my breathing became shallow, but by time ambulance gets there attack had warn off and heart monitor showed no concerns?

    my chest feels so sore and i get pain under my diaphragm.

  • I get this too. As several people have said it feels like a heart attack. Id go to the dr to get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

  • Hi i am now experiencing my second bout of these pains i had them few weeks ago and was terified thought i was having heart attack never had one thabnk god so didnt know for sure but thought i was in my mind then it eased off after 2 days it wenras quick as it came, now today they have started again i am really really stressed at the min so it s no wonder i have got them but hopefully they wille ase off if they dont by tues /weds i will call my gp as lynne says if its not normal for you or your not sure always go to your GP you only get one life and none of us on here are qualified Gp and even if you are its best to physically see your own Gp as they havwe al your medical history etc love to you all diddle x

  • hi ive had this pain for years but after a very bad bout i was taken to hospital where i had heart test but the said my heart was fine and have said it was the fibromyalgia but each time i get it its very painful anmy ribe are sore for days but if you are,nt sure get checked with your doctor

  • Take care, Diddle, and hope the pains don't come back x

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