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Backdated ESA ignored for 52 weeks

Hi all

So, i was wondering what classes as income, and what classes as capital?

I was recently awarded ESA and had a back payment of over £3,600. I know that this money is not classed as capital for the first 52 weeks.

But what about your regular ESA payments? For instance, say i receive my regular fortnightly ESA payment of £250.10 today. Is that £250 classed as capital, or will it only class as capital if i save it for over 52 weeks?

If i saved up the last 6 months of ESA payments, would they not count as capital until 52 weeks?

Can that backdated money be spent as i wish? I owe a family member i live with backdated rent which is over £3,000. Plus i need a new computer which will be another £800 or so.

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I am sorry but i have no idea. But if you contact welfare rights they should be able to help you. Link and phone no below. Good luck.

01387 266 888


Hi my friend, I think that bluebell99 has hit it on the head from what I have been reading on the GOV.UK website. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I believe you can spend it as you wish, although the dreaded IDS is talking of trying to make it in the form of food coupons!

Check on the site but I believe you can have six thousand in capital or savings before it effects your allowances not benefits !

Best wishes Patrick


will they give coupons for ed room tax gas electric water ect haha u have to starve


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