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Just been have a nose at the job sites and i found a ad for doctors come and work for them..oh and do assessments .for pip here comes 100.00 aday..wages. them offering and 75.00 bonus schemes...i couldnt beleive my eyes oh 68.000 customers to yes its true they are short staffed...BETTER GET THERE ACTS TOGETHER ITS AFFECTING THOUSANDS OF US NEEDED SOULS X

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I think they have been short staffed for a long, long time. As when ATOS were finishing some of their contracts off they pulled out too early before other bidders were ready.

    I do find the idea of a bonus scheme interesting? What are they getting bonuses for I wonder? I had better leave it there or I will need to edit my own post reply! he! he!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Kenneth you sitting on fence ,shame on you :p

  • he! he! :) :)

  • Did it add the best hotels in the area if they have to travel , it's marvellous the perks you get if you talk the company line . Hope that's OK to say , I speak from experience when they sent a chap pie from Lincoln and he told me where he was staying even Eddie isard stays there on his marathon runs :d

  • DISGRACEFUL but nothing I did not expect already, this is so so wrong in so many ways.. they are playing with people's lives for monetary gain.. can it get any worse? :(

  • I know ive just had my local MP on phone they are looking into my 5 cancellations ...they are saying they are going to ring DWP as well. Also a comment was made that it is unacceptable for these cancel they cannot justify why it has happened to me..i said since i was awarded pip it only has happened since my award as come onto force...hopefully should have some news in next couple of days...

  • This is a post I put on here to someone talking about Maximus and PIP I went with my daughter and this is what I wrote.. -

    this happened to us recently when my daughter went for her assessment with Maximus at Canterbury center.. thankfully my daughter got in for her appt at 1.30pm and only her and the man after her was seen ( She got seen at 3.30pm) However every one who turned up after us was turned away it is so wrong .. they said they had over booked in case some don't turn up but many had come miles.. so sorry you went through this is really is wrong x

    the fact the woman who did the assesment seemed to have not a clue as to medical matters was apparent to me and if I had known what I know now I would have asked for her qualifications, she never onced took into account the mental health issues my daughter had nothing.. my daughter was declined but it turned out as she is a carer for my grandson she should have been on carers allowance and income support all along not ESA so the whole thing worked out she gets more now then she did then when on ESA the whole system is supposed to be simplified to help people understand it, whoever designed it needs shooting :) and as for cancellations my daughter had waited a YEAR for hers and some , who were turned away even longer .. so wrong :(

  • Oh my im so pleased it turned out well..but mine is the opposite they have not got a qualified doctor in my field to exam me...i have a carer and district nurse that comes in to see having trouble get someone to take me as its miles away..the whole thing is a experience .but im disgusted as ive sat in the assessment rooms only to be told i cant see you om not qualified..who fault is that..then they start panicking to the excuse to tell me it cancelled yet again. Its a farce...not acceptable..but now my mp looking into there is a light at the end of a tunnel..he is saying ive got to be seen either way as my sdp money is paid on a not right.....

  • If a conservative estimate of an average GP's wage is about 81,000 and even the lowest on about £50,000 and say do 5 days a week they will be getting between about £190-£300 a day at a GP's practice much more if they are a partner so I don't imagine there will be many takers at £100 a day do you even with a bonus you no wonder they are short of qualified people.

    The problem with the assessing is how does someone who is say a physio have enough knowledge to assess someone with say fibro and a mental health problem which is quite a specialist subject. They are trying to push square pegs into round holes and I think that is one of the reasons why so many are being turned down. They seem to be filling in an online questionnaire which does not give them much room for manouvering it is just like calling a call centre where they are all answering from a script. Until they change the system how ever many of them they recruit bad decisions will still unfortunately be made.x

  • Yes great coments realistic in qualified...thats why ive had mine CANCELLED FIVE TIMES...Havent got a qualified doc to see me...AND THEY HAVE AMITTED IT....ALOAD OF TOSH....

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