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Gluteus Minimus/Maximus anyone?

Well, I think I have this!! lol

I have really bad pains in my bottom cheeks - to be polite. It's at both sides just below my waist. Well, if I had a waist that is.

I keep saying I've got arthritis but the therapist I go to said, you can't have arthritis there, it's not bone it's muscle. So! Is it fibro then??? She showed me her chart with the muscles of the body and it's B27. So, my B27 is really painful all the time :)

Does anyone else get pain there?

This should have been in questions, not blog. sorry.

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yes i do all the time ,lol thats what im going to say from now on " god my B27 hurts " haha :)

i find i get it more if i keep bending over ,looking after karl that is lol

you look after littleones dont you xxxx


LOL Lynz. That's what I say to Debbie, the therapist, oooh my B27 doesn't half hurt.

Yes, I look after little ones. It doesn't help our B27 at all does it!!! :) xxx


Yes i have very bad pain there it's so bad sometimes that I can't sit for long then I can't stand eather . Pain killers don't help much. Sorry you have this to it is really uncomfortable to live with and gets me down I don't no if it's Fibro or not but becauce I get pain everywhere else I presume it is. Take care xx


Hi Cleaner,I'm exactly the same. I'm sitting here in my chair and it hurts like mad. Both sides. Painkillers don't help, no. I find walking, sitting, lying down, it just hurts all the time. I googled it and read up on it but I need to have another look cos I was too tired to concentrate last night. There was a video of a girl having a massage in hers.

I also find that when my B27 :) hurts, that's when my restless legs get even more restless and jerky.

I think it must be fibro related Cleaner cos it is in the muscles isn't it.

Have a good day

Sue xxx


Thanks sue. You get so fed up with pain all the time that you just don't no any more if it's Fibro related or not. I have to go to work and at the end of the day I just feel exhorted. You have ago of day to xx


Me too Cleaner, I should be able to retire this year cos I'm 60 but can't. Have to carry on till I'm nearly 63.



I shall have to work untill I'm 65 to pay the mortgage Some days I just don't think that I can keep going and I'm only 50 lol xx


Aw bless you, and I moan cos I have another 2.5 years to go.

I don't have a mortgage thank God. We moved to a smaller house when the kids left home and paid it off. xx


Hi, it's that a tender point for of the areas tested for the diagnosis of Fibro?

I'll find a pic later and post, however got to dash to Yoga with leg that feels like someone has punched it a thousand times in the night!!!!

Catch you later xx


Morning Rach,

I'm not sure, I'll have a look too.

Good luck with yoga. I've always wanted to do that and never have. xx


hi yes at times i do but did nt realise that i had a lovely named thing lol sounds posh doesnt it lol love to you diddle x


It does sound posh Diddle, took me a while to learn how to say it lol.

Love Sue xx


Hi Jules,

The B27 is the number showing on the diagram of the muscles in the body on the wall of my therapist. It does sound very much like a bus route :).

Sue xx


Tender points will only hurt when pressed. And you can't sit on the tender points in that area!

It could well be myofascial trigger points though.

Trigger points and tender points often get mixed up but they are very different. Tender points are nothing special, just a diagnostic test. Trigger points can be felt as lumps or restrictions, can cause multiple symptoms even without pressure and - most importantly - can be treated!


Thanks Lindsey,

Think I understand, had to read it a few times.


Hi Sue, yeap i know how u feel hun,i'm forever having the pain in both cheeks at same time,hurts to sit,stand or lie,makes no difference what so ever and massage doesn't help alot either.

Hope uhave some relief from it soon hun,hugs to ye. Julesxxx


Hi love,

The pain there is constant for me, a lot worse at night when I finish work and want to relax. I lay on the settee and think I shouldn't have done that - cos I can hardly get off again. As you say, whether we stand, sit, lay, it makes no difference.

I was having pain in my bunion yesterday and this morning it's just as bad and my foot is a bit swollen. It hurts all the time but more when I walk obviously and you can bet the little ones will stand on it many times today!

I'm going to my therapist in the morning, she does the Emmett Technique on my muscles so I will ask her if she can concentrate on my cheek muscles. I'll let you know.

Hugs Sue xxx


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