Hi guys

Just wanted to warn you about member Alice423....they have just sent me a message giving me the email address of a priest who will do spells for me to help me get well for a fee

Please report them to admin if they contact you

Christmas day.........I have just received a message for HU saying this member has been banned from the site but keep vigilant as im sure they will be back under another name at some point


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  • Sure thing!!

  • Why oh why do think they can prey on people suffering. Please report them.

  • I have reported them i just want to let members know as they are on more than one forum.

  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention. There is currently no Alice423 on FMA UK fortunately, but if anyone receives any of these spam messages please let me know asap.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Well it's not me, honest it's not. Why do these people think they can get off with this. I've only been diagnosed fibromyalgia two months now and reading all the posts has helped me tremendously. To know that other people out there are the same as me and I'm not on my own with what some days I would describe as hell is brilliant. So glad I found this site, it's amazing. Hope everyone has had as good a Christmas as is possible with this dreaded illness, tc xxx

  • No my love its not you and HU have banned them. I was going to delete my post but decided to leave it because sadly these scammers have no conscience and will be back. Hope the new year fills you with love

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