Notice of Spammer Restriction

This is to inform all members that Buogirl and Bugirl have both been restricted. This does not mean they have been deleted, they are simply not able to post in the forum. We believe both accounts relate to the same person who was posting random messages asking members to make contact regarding email addresses etc.

Please be very careful in future should any member see another message of this kind and please do not respond to the sender at all. This is in the interest of your own personal security.

Please Report the sender immediately using the Report feature.

Thank you.

Admin Team

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  • Thanks.

  • Thanks

    I received an odd PM from this person today - checked their profile and when I saw they didn't have one, deldid not respond to the message

    I have been checking on here to see if there was any further information, as I didn't really want to ignore a genuine member. I will now delete that message

  • Thanks for ifo received an invite to log her into my e mail. I havent accepted as was very hesitant to give personal access x gins

  • hi but there is no report button in your private messages area?i looked loads of times and instead i copied and pasted her message and forwarded it on .

  • Thanks LibertyB

    I've been checking my email & nothing strange so far & thanks to Dammy bringing it to your attention.



  • *Sammy*

  • This person messaged me twice yesterday asking about me & asking me to email her on her email address & share photos, I did think it was a little odd!! I didn't reply x

  • She messaged me 7 times !!!!!!! She must of liked me :-) xx

  • oh lucky you i gort oe lol she must think youare icjh then have you won the lottery lol and not told us xx love diddle x

  • It seems there is no way to report unless the person posts or responds to a thread. No report button on either profiles or messages .

    I've had one too and reported the message to Lindsey as I feel it is up to her to deal with this person .

  • Letting an Admin know is helpful, but Reporting posts when possible is more helpful as then the HU communities team also find out and they are the only ones who can delete a spammer's account

  • Hi Lindsey

    I have just received an email from the so called Angela. It most definately is a scam.

    She says she lives in Sudan, her father was a wealthy well known man. All of her family have been killed but she has escaped & is now living in a refugee camp in a nearby town.

    She is training to be a nurse & wants to carry on with her fathers wealth & legacy.

    From what I've seen on TV these people in refugee camps have nothing let alone a computer or network. She has added a photo which of coarse could be anyone.

    If you like later today I'll get my laptop charged up & copy & paste just the email content for you all to read. I am currently just using my phone as I usually do now & never bother with laptop.

    I am intrigued to know where the emails if I reply lead to & I would say it will lead on to ask for money to help her become a nurse.

    In no part of her email does she mention Fibro or her intrests in it.

    If you are happy to receive a copy of just the content of email let me know & I will do it later.

    I need to have a nap as I did'nt get much sleep last night. Feeling a bit sickly on it.


  • That's a 419 scam, after awhile they ask for your bank details. then they proceed to clear out your account. Not safe to reply to any of these.

    Another version is the person who has access to millions and wants you to help launder it, it ends up with an empty bank account too as does the dating scam, which runs basically along the same lines. Don't fall for them.

    Cheers, Midori

  • Yes Midori I think you are right & its best to ignore them completely. I would be worried if they got hold of my contacts & started emailing them & using my name making people think they are legitimate.

    I reported them as spam on my email account.

    Thank you. These people show no mercy.


  • oh dear thay is awful i am glad she has been sussed out we have all got to be careful perhaps it was her who got into my blog yestreday and fkept changing the settings ??? i will tell HUthat they will soo get the technical guys to see who done it as iam awaiting to see who it was as that worried me my personal settings being changed i will e mail the people in charge now thanks again diddle xxxxx

  • I replied before I realised that she wasn't genuine, but very non commital with no further information. But it came thro to my email box,headed as Healthunlocked as do all 'genuine' replies to blogs/ questions etc. From what I can gather she will try and suck you in and then hopes some rich man will put her thro' college etc. Got pic back and request to send some of mine. That's when I reported it. XX

  • I haven't seen any posts by this person, so I assume they were removed quite quickly .

  • Thank you for noting the problem with this member, I got a message from her asking for me to contact her and thought it odd that she included her name. I looked for someway to report but didn't see anything. I shall delete the message.

  • I've spammed this person, at least this has been noticed before she/he has scammed anyone, will be vigilant in comments I post though, never know who's reading them, we might have fibro but the brain fog lifts when there's a spy in the camp!

  • I wouldnt dream of passing my email address onto any stranger...this is a blog site and if I saw someone requesting emails or giving out their own...I would immediately report this. Thanks anyway

  • hi thanks for that i got a message sayint they readmy profile andsd would like to get to know me better and they gave me an e mail address i just thought it was odd so i deleted my profile and then i told them i dont give out my email to people and will chay with them on the frum glad it has been sorted i alsowent on their m=names and there was no area for them and nothing about them so i hope all be well now thety are restricted thanks again what are people like hey love diddle x

  • Yes, please never respond to a message like this.

    If a member you do not know messages you, it is always worth checking their profile first - if they don't have a history of genuine posts (i.e. not all the same thing) then suspect a spammer, let an Admin know and delete the messages.

    This was certainly a spammer so we have asked HU to remove the accounts permanently. Unfortunately it does suggest that spambots are starting to find a way of getting onto the HU platform so we now see more of these.

  • I was about to report her when I saw these.


  • Hi, I have received a private message from Buogirl yesterday. I was looking to see who to report it too as there isnt a report option in private message but seen this blog. I got the private message yesterday and i am going to delete it now.


    Jo xx

  • i recieved one of these messages,the email address is a give away, is a well known scam address..they are known as the yahoo boys! i tried to report it but couldnt find a report button x

  • Oooool im well jel!!! she mustnt have liked me I

    didnt receive any msg. :-)) lol x

  • the powers that be definately sorted this out quickly. I received an e-mail telling me that Buogirl had posted on my blog, but when i tried to read the comment there wasn't anything there, thought fibro had gone mad and were telling me that about someone elses blog!!! Now reading this, realise that they had already been dealt with. So a big thankyou for the vigilance!!


  • Hi fibromites, have'nt been on for a while but have been reading the blogs, this is a very bad thing for these people to try and mess up the fibro family blog to say the least!!!

    I will defenately report anything from them. We all have enough ongoing in our lives without this to deal with!! We are too strong a family to let these/this person to mess us about!

    Hope you all are having a good day, take care gentle hugs luv M xx.

  • I haven't been on for a while and got an email from this person too- but I know it was a scam. Well done admin for sorting it so quickly x

  • Hi i had about 5 of these emails through my message box and it was someone called Angela ..............Thinking it was someone trying to sus out if I was Rainbowdancer I replied through my message box that I do not befriend anyone i dont know. They then sent and said I liked your profile and want to know you better........I have no profile as such so still thought it was family trying to get to I ignored them. I am new to this and never thought of reporting it. I am so sorry as it was happening all last week....In future I will let you know .


  • Unfortunately, I did reply and give my email address as I am new on this site, been on for a efw weeks. When she replied I told her that I thought it was a scam. 2 email came making it clear that it is a scam. Hopefully, my email account wont be hacked as it already was a month ago and had to change password. WILL I B OK?

  • I personally would be inclined to change my email address and password connected to your email account just as a precaution. I tend to do this as a matter of course if there's any security threat. You might find your inbox is flooded with requests to send money to this "Angela", so please ignore these, don't reply. If you don't provide bank details or make any payments, you should be safe.

  • I got a PM from buogirl a couple of days ago and as it was asking for my email address, I did click on her profile info and she hadn't provided any personal information so I ignored the message. In future I will report anything like this to admin. So glad it has been picked up so quickly. It is particularly disconcerting when spammers start on sensitive sites. I was on Black Dog Tribe for a while and they were targeted by spammers who managed to post as if from my account and other member accounts. Very freaky!


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