What do for burning feet

HI everyone,

I get pain in my feet everyday but lately especially today, they feel like they are on fire! I'm on the highest doses of my meds, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions of what to do to relieve it. MY daughter has wonderfully cold hands which help but she's only 6 and gets fed up of having to out her hands on my feet lol. I just need something to help cool them down. I keep putting them on the legs of my table which is cold but that only lasts for a while also. Do you have any ideas for me?

Kind regards

Kim xxx

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  • What about ice packs or bowl of cook water?

  • ooh thanks crissy, will try that. Thank you for reply :) x

  • I use picnic ice packs wrapped in a towel and rest my tootsies on them - it's wonderful! Peppermint foot lotion is very good, too - it's cooling and soothing, and makes your feet lovely and soft! :)

    Moffy x

  • ahh Moffy sounds great! will look into that xx

  • Cotton Tree Cool Foot Cream tea tree oil and menthol. My husband bought me this and it is so much better than the peppermint foot cream I was using. It is not greasy and I use it before using my circulation max. Even better you can get it from the 99p shop. We buy loads whenever they have it.

  • Ohhh that sounds brilliant. I will look out for this in the shops where I live, or actually my husband will xx

  • Yeah - I like the sound of that - especially at 99p! I have been using Body Shop lotion - nice but expensive.

  • You made me laugh with your tale of your daughter's cold little hands! My daughter always had terribly cold legs - she would sit on the sofa beside me, and I would rest my feet on her thighs. She felt warmer, I felt cooler - result! :D

  • Hi Ladymoth, ahh yoru welcome. Normally she doesn't mind. She's so great bless her. xx

  • Have you mentioned this to your doctors? Predictable localised pain often has a cause other than central Fibro (even if Fibro related).

  • Hi Lindsey, no I haven't mentioned it. I didn't think to really. I will keep an eye on it, try some of the things that have been mentioned and talk to my gp if it gets any worse. Thank you :) x

  • I take Gabapentin and Dr upped the dose when it wasn't helping

  • thanks Amanda. I will talk to my gp if the problem still persists after trying some of the ideas here. :) x

  • Some great ideas, I like the oils idea best, I too suffer with this, you feel as though you've been on your feet for 24 hours! Night time is worse when your trying to get to sleep. Let me know if it works for you babebatista. Good luck.x

  • Hi Walnut,

    Your exactly right, I do feel like i've been on them for 24 hours! It just burns. I will keep you all informed thanks :) xx

  • Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your wonderful ideas. It really does make me happy to know that I can get support from you all. Gentle fibro hugs to you all :) xx

  • Hi,

    have you tried amitriptylene? It helps me, not totally but certainly does help. Also aloe vera gel is very cooling, I find.



  • Hi Jilly,

    Yes I'm on Amitriptylene just had the dosage upped actually. So I don't think it will be that. But yes thank you I will try the aloe vera gel. Thank you :) x

  • Hi everyone I take both tablets you've mentioned and I still get burning feet !!! I aslo have burning legs , arms and some nights just about the whole of my body burns !!!!!!! But when I try to coo down I end up shivering !!!!

    I usually find if I've got cold during the day at night I burn up and hurt like hell !!!! Nothing I've tried helps sorry I can't help !!!!!

  • Hi Allpainedout, sorry to hear that. I have many different feelings going around my body where the pain is seriously intense and find nothing works for that either. I'm like you sometimes in bed of a nightime if I've become cold I then end up shivering. Can't win lols Gentle fibro hugs to you xxx

  • Hi BB

    I keep a hot water bottle full of cold water by the bed, and a soon as I feel my feet heating up (not always easy as I sometime are woken by them popping off the end of my legs!!) I get my feet on it asap. Its not too cold to cause any frost bite, but nice and comfy, and lasts ages if you half fill it so it can drape over your feet. I found it lasted longer and more comfy than the rigid icepack I used for a while.

    When I have described my symptoms to friends though I find a few of them have has similar experiences, without fibro, and some have said it could be the menopause as well to top it up. Yes I have the hots flushes everywhere too, but I also had a bout when I was in my 30s and the docs thought it was early menopause then. I thinks that episode was to do with the hormonal changes that people get with (at the time my undiagnosed) fibromyalgia.

    Oh, and I have been on the Amitriptyline since 2001, and this is a new one on me, so whilst I don't think that is causing it, I haven't seen evidence to think it is helping it either?


  • Blummin ummer - that's 11 years on the old "Ami". It's longer than I thought...cripes!!

  • Whoops, 12 years! ( Fibro kicking in.)

  • Hi Glenys,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful reply. I thought I was going through the menopause last year and had loads of tests, because I only had one period in January and then another in July. I found out that I have polysistic ovaries :(

    Thank you for the idea about the cold water bottle, will give it a go. Gentle fibro hugs to you :) x

  • Have you tried getting one of those pillows that are used for menopausal women I'm thinking of those , I also have burning feet that really hurt . Of I have thought of put hot water bottle full a nd in freezer then but you cover on and then feet . X

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