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Blue Badge Update

Things are pretty tough on the assessment, they watch how you walk, how you use a walking stick, if you are breathless when they take you for a walk - it's stressful.

However you get the decision there and then - I got mine. No lies, wasn't allowed to use my scooter.

Just got to wait now for the letter which could be 3 - 4 weeks as its Christmas and New Year but I can't wait what a difference it will make to me.


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 😊🌲⛄️🎁🎁

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Well done, so pleased for you it will be a good help. Merry Xmas to you and yours and a Happy New Healthier New Year.

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Sorry to hear that it was hard to get but you've got it now so that's fab news. I'm chuffed as I got mine granted over the phone last week. I sent my photo in today and can't wait to get it, just walking that extra bit to get into shop kills me, in fact driving around looking for a space kills me! Yey for the blue badges! Xx


Absolutely fantastic, I am genuinely and sincerely delighted for you!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken :) :)


Congratulations on getting your Badge... It is a pain that we have to jump through so many hoops to get these things but now you have it your renewals will be easy. Just complete the form, get a picture done and send it off!

You shouldn't have to be assessed against , I wasn't anyway. It's really annoying when people abuse this system. But without a doubt I really would report ànyone using a badge that belongs to anyone else or who is only pretending they have a Disability!

I know that may sound harsh to some people but it really isn't fun to see people who are parking in Disabled spaces that obviously don't have a Disability. Not so long ago now I reported a neighbour who I know isnty Disabled who happened to be parked next to me in our local Tesco's.

I wasn't feeling so good in the store so hubby took me outside for some air whilst he carried on with the shopping. As I sat in my wheelchair watching the world to by I could see the Disabled parking bays and low ànd behold there was my neighbour parking in a Disabled bay, without his wife who is Disabled and he was putting her badge up!

We know he isn't Disabled but is her full-time carer, he chats to my hubby quite a lot.. So when hubby had finished all the shopping and came back to me i asked if he had seen Charlie, he hadn't but I asked him if that deffinietly his car, he said it was, so when we got home I made an excuse to pop along the landing to see if his wife was home, she was so gave her their Christmas card and asked her to wish Charlie a Happy Christmas from us, she said she would when he got home from shopping!

Went indoors and called the hotline number and gave them all the details! Am now awaiting to hear any news as to what will happen to him! Yes I probably am a bitch but why should an able bodied Man get to use his wife's card and park for free meaning folk like us who have no choice in our disabilities have to park in a normal parking space and often struggle in and out of the car because there isn't the room to have a door opened wide and have room for eithe wheelchair or scooter!

It wasn't even about free or paid parking as you get the first 2 hours free anyway, it was simply because of the Disabled bays are nearer the store!! Sorry if I have offended anyone..But in my estimation he should have known better having a Disabled wife!!!

Rant Over!!

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I completely agree with you about people abusing the badges. However I do worry that people would misjudge me, I'm only 28 and anyone looking at me may think that I'm fine. I've got a 1 and 2 year old so have to just struggle getting them in and out albeit with a grimace and even the shortest trip results in 2 days of agony and on/off snoozing when the children let me or family take them for me! Sorry for rambling xx

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I know what you go through as I watch my grandchildren for a few hours a couple of days each week. It is a real struggle getting the 3yr old in and out of her car seat.

I am lucky in that I was in late 40s before being diagnosed but it has been a life changing 2yrs since then, however I have had a life free of pain and couldn't imagine how ad it must be to be so young. Take care of yourself and I do hope your family look after the children to allow you to have a rest xx

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Thanks it is hard but I'm blessed to have 2 beautiful well behaved girls and a loving supportive hubby and family though I do find it difficult even staying at home with them when he's at work, even though they're amazingly good, they're still so demanding and exhausting lol. I'm going to try and get some help from my health visitor and carry on trying get to do positive things to help myself. I do worry for the future as I'm on long term sick from work and thinking of applying for severance but what then? I don't want us to struggle financially as that's another thing to stress about and cause yet more flare ups! My mam has fibro too and she helps out with looking after my girls and she says it's her medicine so she loves it too even tho she ends up shattered it's such a shame isn't it xxx


It's a vicious circle, you can't do right for it being wrong.

I had to give up work after several attempts and various hour changes, etc. I didn't know where to turn but I was entitled to benefits - maybe you should try applying for them before considering giving up work. It may be stressful but at least you would know that you tried and that's something.

Your health visitor hopefully will find you some help with your daughters, even consider Barnardos charity because they often run a crèche facility for a few hours daily - having them mix with others and running about would do you all good.

Enjoy this time with your daughters, build memories for them and you to talk about as they get older as you may become weaker and unable to get about as much.

Life's too short to wonder about "what ifs", make the most of every minute while you can, you will never regret it xx

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I am pleased I have been awarded it and was told that some illnesses are awarded without assessment but unfortunately Fibro isn't one of them as people suffer differently.

I agree about reporting misuse of the badges as I would never have applied for one if it weren't necessary, even having arthritis in both hips and lower back requires assessment.

I would advise anyone who has to be assessed search online for blue badge assessment and read the form which the assessor has to complete.


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