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Pain ,Gp, B12 ,

Been not good since july. put it down to mov,ei g house .had chest infection 3 times,pains getting worst mweek by week .had bloods taken at last back in september .went to mt nic es wedding in turkey. their was nkt to good came home back doctores.she sent me for more blood as b12 was low that was november by december i have been in so much pain. my legs giveing in under me .rang doctores could only see a nurse gp said .went in demanded to see a spealist as not seen anyone since diognois.More or les you have fibromyalia now go home and live with it .Well got phone call last friday from gp receptionist saying i have to start B12 injection this wednesday first one .any one else had these .sorry to oan Xxxxxx

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Yes. I get B12 injections. It isn't for my Fibro though. I have Pernicious Anemia which means that my body no longer absorbs vit 12 through the gut as should happen. So I gave it injected into my muscles to allow absorption that way. I have it every 12 weeks. At the beginning it was more often.

It is a stingy jab, so be prepared. Nowhere near as bad as the internal explosions of cortisone though. It's over in seconds. It is also given to boost immune systems. Ask why you are having it when you get it done 🐸

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have been suffering and struggling so much and I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck with your injections. They are not something that I have had so I cannot say how what it is like.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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