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GP today

Hi I am hoping for some advice please. Don't really know where to start. I had operation 2 years ago since then I have had all the symptoms of fibro, it's got progressively worse. Decided to see gp 2 weeks ago. Went through all my symptoms, worse ones being aching all over and my legs get very stiff first thing in the morning. Constantly feeling drained and tired. Gp did full bloods, all was ok except the test for inflammation this was raised a bit. Last week went back and he gave me a course of predisnone steroid for 7 days, finished this yesterday and didn't really help very much but did make me feel a little less stiff in the morning. Just not sure what next step is fibro was mentioned but not diagnosed, he did say he may refer me to a rheumatologist. Can anyone give me some advice please? I have so many other issues going on with ibs, endometriosis and adhesions I am not sure which is causing what pains! Just feel like I am falling apart. Sorry it's such a long post.

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Hi Alexander,

I'm sorry you are feeling so unwell. I also have IBS and poly cystic ovarian syndrome (as well as fibro). It is hard to know which symptoms are caused by what. It sounds like your GP has started doing tests for other things in order to rule them out. Maybe you could go back to your GP and ask them to refer you to a rheumatologist.

I hope you can get some answers and feel better soon!

Gentle hugs

Becky xxx


Hi Alexander120

I'm sorry to hear you're unwell, I suffer from Fibromyalgia & you're on the right path if your Dr is referring you to see a rheumatologist, he will do more tests on you to rule any other things out as there isn't a simple test for fibro...they will also be looking at checking all the main pressure points out, it's a pretty daunting time & I'm sure you'll have lots of questions to put forward to them but they are very good & should give you all the info you need....

Take care

Sending much love



Hi alexander120

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so unwell and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I am also sorry that I am really late replying to your post, but I genuinely hope that your appointment went really well for you?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks for all your comments. I have now been referred to a rheumatologist. I just want to get some answers finally.


All the very best of wishes X


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