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Well today me and my hubby celabrated our 40th wedding anniversary by haveing friends and family round. last night was in a lot of pain in back, hips legs ,hands and feet. and today feel like ive been hit by a truck. Finished haveing my 6th B12 injection on friday and have to have one every 12 weeks after the nurse said it takes about 3 months to work . Dose any one now if they work because at the moment my body hurts just by a hug x

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  • Congratulations on your Ruby wedding, quite an achievement. Lovely to celebrate with friends and family, hope you have a great time. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, wishing you a painless and restful night xx


  • Hi fibro10

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way, and I sincerely hope that these injections work for you. I have not had anything like this myself but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    I also would love to wish both you and your husband a very happy 40th wedding anniversary.

    All my hopes and dreams for you both

    Ken x

  • Congratulations on your 40 th weeding Anniversary ❀️

    Sorry can't help on the B12 issue

    Sorry your in such pain


    Chris x

  • Happy Anniversary to you and your spouse!!!! Hope all works out positively with B12 shots. Let us know how it turns out in the end regarding results. I have no personal knowledge. Good luck!

  • Hi Fibro10

    Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary! πŸ’πŸ‘«πŸ‘°πŸ°πŸΈ. Hope you had a nice time despite the pain. I find Fibro really frustrating when planning anything as pacing in order to cope with extra curricular events requires careful planning and even when you do think you have rested enough before, it seems never enough. I am sorry I can't help you re b12 injections but am interested to know if doc prescribed them due to low levels in body or for fibromyalgia symptoms. Reading about b12 many alternative docs think everyone over a certain age should be on b12 because of its benefits. Also

    goes to the extent of suggesting patients inject themselves daily with small amounts to get the benefit which (my interpretation) has the potential to start straight away and can last in bloodstream for up to 4 weeks. I have just been tested for b12 and am awaiting the results. I so supplement with b12 500mcg daily however I probably should take more like 1000mcg. I get the impression from my go that she is not allowed to prescribe injections due to financial constraints in nhs so asked how I would go about injecting myself . She looked horrified at the prospect and said she had never heard of such a thing. Do you think your symptoms are down to b12 injections or do you think you have maybe been overdoing things or a combination of both? Not one size fits all as my sister, also Fibro sufferer, reacts differently to things than me.

    Hope you get relief soon and pain passes over quickly. Sending you gentle hugs! Jax xx

  • Happy Anniversary to you both, hope your pain gets a bit easier soon

  • Congrats to you both, excellent and I hope you have a lovely day. I also hope the day doesn't give you to much pain.

    Luv Jan x

  • Well they definitely helped me, but it does take time. All those nerve endings need time to begin healing. I'm still getting pain, but it varies. I had a busy weekend, and feeling the effects this morning.

  • Congratulations on your Ruby wedding, hope you have many more happy years

  • Congratulations on your milestone anniversary, hope you enjoyed it.

    Yes the B12 injections definitely do work. I have had them twice as my levels were low and I was anaemic, even by NHS standards which are lower than that of many other countries. They are quite painful but well worth the effort as I felt much better after the course. Dizziness and shortness of breath were much improved.

    Apologies if you already know this but one tip the nurse used to give me to make them slightly less painful was with the arm being injected, to put your hand on your hip and press hard. Don't know why but it does help.

    Good luck, hope you get the benefit soon.


  • I find warming the vial up before investing stops it stinging so much. Not always possible. I hold it in my hands so it reaches body temp! That and having the injection done fast. The slower the injection the more the sting 🐸

  • Mine where done at the

  • As are mine, but the nurse allows me to warm it up before injecting because I ask. 🐸

  • Thank you i hope too . and i will try that next time as im no wimp with injection but they did kill worst on my left arm xxx

  • I will try that when i have my next one .Thank you .

  • I have just had my B12 an hour ago. I have been having them for a few years now. I'm not sure if I could say, hand on heart, that they make a difference. It's difficult when the chronic fatigue of Fibro competes with the fatigue of anaemia needing B12. Sorry I can't be more positive about it, but I will be watching other replies to see if they feel the same. Good question though 🐸

  • Thank you i know its hard to tell wether the pain are fibro or somethink else xx

  • Hello I have just this minute joined HU for advice on immediate pain relief for fibromyalgia as I'm really suffering this morning :) . I've recently been thinking about having B12 injections (sorry I can't give positive feedback to your question) but reading your post I've realised I should get as much information as possible before doing so as I've tried the B12 mouth spray but had a major flare-up! as with protein drinks, Cherry juice, & Krill oil capsules. Thank you, you may have saved me from unnecessary pain as I'm not on any medication for Fibro because I was hoping the reason for the recent cervical spine surgery I've had was the cause of all this (severely painful hands) and my rheumatology apptmt isn't until the end of February. I have heard that sometimes our body's react & feel worse before they feel better, I hope this is the case for you & it happens soon. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary to you both. please keep us posted.

  • Thank you today i have been unable to move but i think that i overdone it at the weekend .hope you get sorted soon xx

  • congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary!!

    sorry, I cannot offer advice on the B12 injections. just wanted to say congratulations to you both :) x

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi I have b12 monthly and can feel it when its slightly overdue due to weekend or bank holidays.

    Apparently they normally issue it three monthly and not monthly but I seem to get it monthly and have done for about 18 months now.

    It has helped me a lot for fatigue, weakness, however I recently found out that for neurological symptoms it needs to be given every other day till the symptoms improve which I haven't had. Also if its neurological then the doctor has to go on how you feel and not numbers. This is as listed in the guidelines.

    Personally I have to have my b12 monthly otherwise I really suffer fatigue, weakness etc.

    I know I have been on monthly b12 injections for 17 months now but am going to try getting the initial loading doses for neurological symptoms (which is every other day and not just 6 over two weeks!) as I never had the loading doses due to it being started in hospital during a bad asthma admission.

    I'm hoping if I get this then it will clear up quite a few of my problems and overall I will feel a lot better.

    Hope you do start to feel the effects soon :)

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