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sleep please

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Hi everyone , hope everyone is as well as can be . Anybody got a good idea how to get a decent nights sleep ? ive tried all sorts but still no luck. Its taking its toll on me now , went 3 nights without a wink of sleep last week and it nearly tipped me over the edge . I didnt feel safe doing anything and felt out of control of my thoughts . Cant cope with it anymore its making me feel ill, mentally and physically , i litrally said to my partner i felt like i needed to be sectioned because i felt so unsafe , which he said how do you mean unsafe which i struggled to explain , but now i think i ment i felt i was a danger to myself . Help please...

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Hi there, sorry to hear your struggling so bad right now. Unfortunately lack of sleep is a major part of many people's life who suffer with Fibro. If only there was an answer and we knew how to cure sleeplessness we would be millionaires that's for sure.

The only thing I can suggest if your feeling you may harm yourself you must call your GP and ask for help.

You may also like to consider calling the samaritans.

Hopefully your doctor can offer you something to help you get some sleep soon.

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Samantha12 in reply to Dizzytwo

My doc prescribed me amitryptiline it works a treat. I was at my wits end like you. Couldn't sleep, restless legs, constantly felt like I had water infections. It's helped with all of the above!

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DizzytwoModerator in reply to Samantha12

Hi Samantha12 I was not the one posting the the post :) I just replied to the lawzwarren above who is the original poster. But I'm sure they will appreciate your reply xx

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Samantha12 in reply to Dizzytwo

😂 sorry I'm full of cold at the moment and not fully functioning!

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DizzytwoModerator in reply to Samantha12

No probs lol both me and hubby have been very ill with a cold bug since last week. I hope your better soon xx

hiya, thank you for replying, ive been on amitryptaline for years, think ive got used to them now . will go docs and ask if i can change to something else , i get sick of going there.

Lack of sleep is awful and I've found once you get a sleepless couple of nights it goes into a roll.

I think your doctor is your first call as you feel your mental health is suffering.

You can also try a few alternative therapies, they may or may not work but worth a try and they won't cost anything. Look on YouTube and search hypnosis for sleep. I find Michael Sealey the best. You can leave it playing on your phone under your pillow. As you listen start to count down in your head from 10 to 1 , each number on an out breath. It's very calming, doesn't matter if you're asleep or not when you get to 1, just repeat.

On iTunes there's a piece of music called Weightless by Marconi Union, it's supposed to be the most calming music in the world.

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lawzwarren in reply to

thank you very much for your reply, will try them. x

I YAKE ONCE IN BED DIAZEPAM 1@ night. ZOLPIDEM 1 10mg @ night.. 2 paracetamol broken in half as got swallowing problems. QUININE FOR CRAMP 1@NIGHT.. been doing this for 20 years.. hope this helps.. been in hospital 4 weeks .. getting there.. lots of love and healing hugs.. Auntie B xx

Oh bless you, i would think most of us know exactly how you are feeling, three days with no sleep is awful, but this will pass - things I find particularly helpful is a recording called Deep Sleep - sleep music binaural beats and lullabies, and some yoga, if its really bad then I take a low dose amitriptyline.

Be gentle with yourself and reach out to us, we can all relate xx

thank you for replying kitten whiskers, i get so down sometimes it really makes me feel poorly, i also have pmdd which im struggling with so i just feel not normal all the time and medication makes me feel even worse.

I can really relate to that. Medication isn't always the answer and certainly made me so much worse. Have your hormones been checked? Or have u had them checked, hormones are not something doctors seem to ever get right. Please don't be hard on yourself, your going through so much, be your own best friend and you will get through this xx

hiya, yes ive had hormones checked and they are fine . christmas is an extra stressfull time , i think its just too much for my nerves to cope with.

Oh no. I remember that from adrenal fatigue days - that's awful. Vitamin C, rest and laughter xx

i dont feel too good today , just feel over whelmed by my life .dont feel myself anymore

Sorry to hear that, do you have that feeling of doom? If so it might be worth getting your adrenals checked - saliva tests are much more accurate xx

just feel like my life pointless. If i was a dog they'd put me down

Oh no please don't think that, I know when your struggling all the time it is just awful, but things can improve - take me for an example, I was near to bring housebound, had 37 awful symptoms plus fibro but now I am so much better than I was, I get on the treadmill, do yoga, have a full time job etc so things can improve if u find the root cause for u, I'm here for u, please don't suffer alone, I have been there and crawled out xx

i feel very depressed & alone, my partner doesnt really do much to support me , so im trying my best but i find myself pretending to my family that im ok when really i feel so so low, i dont want to worry family because theyve been through a lot this year and my partner just doesnt realise how low iam, its like he doesnt see me so its just me myself and I. Ive lost who i should be and dont no how to find her again.

But you will find her again, it's so important to keep searching for the answers, as they are out there. Who wouldn't feel depressed going through what u are going through. I always found like you people didn't really understand or see what was so clear to see. I stopped going to the doctor years ago, I often left there in tears and just got supplied of drugs that just masked the problem and had lots of horrible side effects. You can turn things around xx

I hope i can, just dont think i have the strength to keep trying. but i would never do anything silly like harm myself in any way shape or form, but im mentally and physicaly drained of living my life , its pointless too me . some times its too much ,so i go upstairs and cry and scream into my pillow. im trying my best to get myslef

Unfortunately it does take time, it takes time to get your body into a position where u feel well enough but then before you know it you will be doing more and more. When things were really bad I always found watching something really funny helped a lot, Not only does it take you away from the misery for a while but it's great for your adrenals. Always be kind to yourself and always listen to your body, it's paramount that u listen to your body and not rush it, otherwise it will put you back, the times I did that was unbelievable xx

thank you for taking the time to chat with me, i have no one else to help or talk to me .so im very grateful,will find some thing funny to watch .xx

Your welcome, I'm here when you need me xxx

Go to gp and explain that the lack of sleep is causing ur mental health issues and u need some sleep. I have amiltriptyline it is good and helps all the muscles to relax to so i wake up with less pain.

Lack of sleep is awful... it the one thing that pushes me over the edge.. the pain i have got used to but the lack of sleep is one thing i cannot cope with.

If u mention suicidal thoughts caused by no sleep there soon give u something.

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lawzwarren in reply to Lulububs

hi lulububs, i have been on those for a few years now , i think being tired and my anxiety have got the best of me beacause there not working for me at the moment , doc says take 30/40 mg to help keep me calm and my anxietys at bay, but then i feel like my heads stuck up my arse(as my partner says) and i dont no what im doing.feels like a lose lose situation and im tired of it x

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Lulububs in reply to lawzwarren

Have u tried yoga or pilates... one it helps to exercise, helps the endorphines and also helps ur body stay flexible and less stiff ? Also u sleep better.

Also i make sure i have a good full body massage or osteopath once a month just to make sure everythings good and it helps with pain and relaxation.

I have trouble relaxing as my body hurts so i hold myself so tight that i cant relax my muscles EVER so goin to have a massage and osteo helps relieve and relax them tight muscles plus it helps me focus and chill abit.

The ami works for me as i only take as and when i need them.

Also there this spray in boots called “ this work sleep spray” and u spray it on ur pillow at night and it really works....

Plus i use a muscle soak in bath and lavender oil..

Il afraid u just have to try everything to get ur answer to the sleep problem....

I have good nights where i work full time and i literally come home and sleep for 11 hours but then il have nights where body hurts so much i lay awake ALL NIGHT and it just makes me so cranky

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lawzwarren in reply to Lulububs

thank you for taking the time to chat to me , i will try your advice and see how it goes.

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Lulububs in reply to lawzwarren

It just case of trying to makes things as easy and comfortable as we can..

Painwise and sleep wise.

Hi lawzwarren, sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. It's bad enough dealing with fibromyalgia and then not get any sleep. I know how you feel but it will get better. I can pass on what medication my psychiatrist prescribed to help me get a good nights sleep. I have chronic insomnia and would go without sleep for weeks (I tried) without medication. He prescribed seroquel. It's usually prescribed for epilepsy not for sleep disorders but it had been a blessing for me. I have been taking it for quite a few years now. It's not on the PBS but I am happy to pay to get some sleep. I have tried every other sleep medication and none work for me. Hope things get better for you soon.

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