Docs are not listening:((((

Hi all its been a while since I've been on here. So hi to everyone. Apart from my FM/ ME/CFS I have been going back and too,to the docs for about a year with groin leg low back pain pins and needles with numbness in my legs. Now I have a face rash and my eyes watering cold sores that won't go away. Iam putting cream on for the past 4 weeks but it's not going. The doc says I must use it for 8-10 weeks. My face is red my eyes are red and puffy and I look like hell so fed up :((( x

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  • Do you think you need your B12 tested and an Autoimmune Profile done in case you have an autoimmune disease? Just a thought.


  • Hi Karen I have had my B12 tested it was ok. What's a autoimmune profile ? I have lots of things going on ATM but getting nowhere x

  • Hi Gilly,

    Yeah It would be good to ask your GP to test for Autoimmune disease? A simple blood test may confirm, Pls insist you are sent to see a Rhuematolagist. Let us know how you get on? x

  • It tests if you have quite a few autoimmune diseases so would rule out a few illnesses.


  • I was wondering about Lupus as you have a rash on your face but it may not be.


  • Immune system damaged test for HHV6

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and my first thought was Lupus? However, I am not a doctor so I cannot say for sure. I do not believe that Lupus would affect your eyes in this way either? I would be very tempted to pop along to my nearest walk in centre and say it is particularly bad that day and can they look at it please? It is always worth a try.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken and thankyou for your advice. Iam phoning my gps surgery as soon as they open. It is driving me mad as sometimes it feels hot itchy and the cream the doc gave me 4 weeks ago is doing nothing. And my eyes are watering all the time. I have like little white fluid spots on my bottom eyelids my eyes are sore red puffy

  • I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck at the doctors.

  • Thankyou

  • My friends got lupus her eyes water too x just a thought !

  • Thank you I was unaware of this symptom

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