My family have banned me from Christmas

Last year the week before Christmas I fell and broke 2 ribs... This year, well I bought a giant advent candle that takes hours to burn down each day.... I Walked into the kitchen and my knee felt weird, walked back into the living room bent over to blow the candle out and my knee gave way and I fell onto the candle, as my hand hit the plate it was standing on I knocked the flame out with my other hand and the melted candle wax hit me straight in the face, fortunately I had my glasses on but I had a white wax face mask and as I yelled it coated my teeth, the carpet, my clothes, my hair my glasses, they saved my eyes.... Now I have all the wax peeled off my face is red but lovely and smooth. My OH says next year the week before Christmas I am confined to the bedroom

My OH of course rushed to take a photo of me THEN helped me up it's taken an hour to clean wax off everything, so if anyone wants lovely soft skin just cover yourself in hot candle wax

Another handy hint from

VG x

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  • My goodness! You're not safe to be let loose VG! Why on Earth did you get such a dangerous Advent Calendar, you should have a usual one with just choccy in. Even you couldn't do much damage with that sort. Dear me, there is no end to your calamities - perhaps your OH should book you in next year to the nearest A&E to make sure they have a cubicle for you!

    Your poor OH and family must be nervous wrecks wondering what you're going to get up to next!

    If you don't mind I think I will pass on the red hot candle wax face mask, sounds too painful! Ouchie!

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Lol why did I write calendar I meant of course candle and it's enormous and now my OH and son are seriously considering web cams again cos they say my accidents are so funny they would get lots of hits on YouTube

    Another handy tip . A nit comb is very useful for combing wax out of your hair


  • I thought it was odd when you said Advent Calendar, I'd never heard of one with candle wax lol!

    Please don't tell me you own a cook's blow torch VG, you would be lethal with one of those. I use one for making Creme Brulee, but for goodness sake don't get one yourself, you'd cause an inferno! :O ;) xxx

  • OH dear not good:( could have been worse though! Wishing you a safe lead up to Cmas from now on:)

  • Thank you

    Handy tip number 3

    For whiter teeth instantly open you mouth when spraying the room with hot white melted wax

    VG x

  • ouch! take care, we need our VG :O

    handy tip 5 use blotting paper or a wad of kitchen roll and a warm iron to get wax off clothing.



  • My clothes are now wax free, from now on you are to be referred to on all matters . Imagine yourself as an online Mrs Beaton , but much younger of course. Heads for the shower still wondering how Sandra know so much about melted candle wax....... Hmmmmmm and more importantly where was handy hint 4 ????

    The things that cause me to ponder, it's no wonder I don't have room in my brain to be sensible........

  • I am a bonafide barry manilow fan since the begining and we used real candles for "one voice" - you learn pretty quick how to get rid of drips [!]

    hint 4 is use scooter indoors - no fally into advent candle thingy!


    drat I forgot to dash for the sossy rolls! have you got them all?

  • Mummpphh chomp ahhhh , erm not any more ,

    Gives Mrs Beaton a cheerful pastry crumb smile :D

  • Ooooh VG i know i shouldn't have laughed but you are so funny and i was picturing the scenario in my head and couldn't help but chuckle! Glad you weren't seriously hurt though and hope you haven't got any nasty burns to your face Take care pleeeeeeeeease! Love Della xxx

  • My face is still red but smooth as a baby,s bottom ... In fact it LOOOKs like a baby's bottom, partly from the hot wax and partly from embarrassment

    Thanks for the tip about clothes Sandra.... Dare I ask how you found out!!!!

    VG x

  • I've heard of a chemical face peel VG, but not a hot candle wax face peel! Ouchie!

    Dear me, you're not safe to be let loose are you VG! It's a wonder your OH isn't a nervous wreck! lol! ;)


  • Poor VG! They'll have to wrap you in bubble wrap next year! Did I see you mention photos...?

  • Yes there's a photo , but my face glasses and teeth are just a white mask, no way would you recognise it as me.... Fortunately so I shall deny it if it appears suddenly online

    VG x

  • YouTube! You could be an internet global sensation VG! :O ;) xxxx

  • Lol VG

    I should'nt laugh but you make it sound so funny.

    Its like somethin I'd do. I'm handless & footless. Just bloody clumsy is me haha.

    I hope you are ok & have'nt hurt yourself in your fall (((HUGS)))

    Jackie xx

  • Ohhh VG that is baaad bless you .. Good god but with your humour and how u always talk the way u said OH took pic i thought is this a laugh or cry omg!!!

    I think your BANNED frim candles!!! What was that about wee willy winky i just seen ..

    Seriously take care hunibuni and let them do all the hard wrk :-D xxxxxx hope you are ok though

  • Thanks everyone please feel free to laugh... I wouldn't have posted it if it had been serious, indeed after the first splat wax cools almost immediately so it was very funny just a real pain to clean up, still spitting out bits of wax and I have brushed my teeth twice

    VG x

  • lol that's one advantage of false teeth.lolol.much easier to clean i should think.

  • Its great when you have a athletic day and survive lol, on a more serious note, paraffin wax is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic therapies someone with FM can get, so there you are VG, aint you the lucky one. I bet your OH has lots of laughs too.

  • hi,im sorry but this mae me laugh soo much,lol! xxxxxxx

  • I thought I was a disaster lol. I am so sorry for laughing hun but I can picture it all too clearly. But I am glad your glasses protected your eyes, our sight is so prescious. Be careful woman!!!! I was banned from Xmas a few years back. Suits me fine, I get to chill while everyone else does the work xxxxx

  • Of course I hope you are OK!! But my goodness the image you paint of your shenanigans gave me a good giggle. Xxx

  • You are a real tonic, VG - it's great to start the day with a laff! Your family are right, tho' - you need to spend the week before Christmas in bed with a good book and a large box of chocolates!

    Your story reminded me of a friend who was a beauty therapist. She did wax treatments and Swedish massage. She used to get upset by male clients asking for erotic massage, when she had made it QUITE CLEAR that she didn't offer such services.

    In the end she pinned a large notice on the door of her treatment room which said: "PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR EXTRAS, AS SCALDING WAX OFTEN OFFENDS!"

  • sending you some gentle hugs xxx

    a friend of mine got injured in the face yesterday when a bottle of home brew exploded when she was near it. she's sporting a black eye and cuts to her forehead. was very lucky indeed not to lose an eye. I reckon the same could be said for you too VG.

    take care and mind those candles x

  • PS: Ladymoth, your comment about the beautician made me laugh out loud!

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