Omega 3

I don't know if this will help anyone with FM and IBS-D. I have started taking Omega 3 fish oil 1360mg for the last 3 days, as a women in Holland & Barrett swore by it, so day 3 slept like a baby, could have slept on but heard my lot up this morning, no shakes no dropping things and after I don't know how many years had a normal poo lol, well normal to me and a rabbit, and not like Macdonalds chocolate milk shake.ooow.

Not worked on FM, but she says it helps a bit . You know if anything can help any of us and not just prevent but ease or cure, what the heck. I hope if anyone decides to try it , it helps even in a little way.

I hope I haven't got beyond myself and 5-6-7 days blinking thing doesn't work . Just thought might help, Maybe??????

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  • Had to really laugh at your description MacDonald chocolate milk shake!! :) That is such an accurate description of my irritable bowel syndrome, please keep us informed of your progress... I hope it continues to help you. Does it help the fatigue? xxx

  • No sorry fatigue worse, feel like I could sleep 24/7 maybe too relaxed on that, but I am one of those once awake that's it , don't know why I fight my sleep, if I don't have anything to knock me out I jump and have panic electrose going through my body, sorry only way I can describe it, then big panic attacks kick in, will carry on and see if these help during day, but really want to be awake during day cos of Hub and Daughter . I am also a Carer for my Hub, and daughter still at school. Glad I made you laugh take care .xxx

  • That is wonderful news and I sincerely hope that it continues to work well for you. Your descriptive language is second to none! he! he! :) :)

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :) :)

  • Ha ha, thought I would lighten the mood

  • Ive just started taking it too, I'm hoping it's going to help with my dry eyes. Anything else will be a bonus.

  • Hi how are you finding it? I know this sounds really mad, but I am using original chap stick for my dry eyes, and it's working. It must be the original one though.

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