Oops a mix up

Had my water test done today, and had a call later in the day to say I had infection and to collect script for antibiotics, that was at 5pm, I have just had a call from my own Doctor, who has been so apologetic that there is a person with the same name and date of birth, and she picked up on it straight away because of address. I don't have an infection, but I do have a fibromyalgia Bladder. I just burst into tears. Now I have IBS and a damn bladder problem, Whoopee . So now I am booked in for more test and have to take bicarbonate for now for the next 3 days, omg it's disgusting just had some Yuck😣😝 . On the good side I don't have to take the Antibiotics, and she says she can help me with tablets, oh but do they have lactose in them? I am slowly giving up with Meds .

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  • Oh, come here buddy and I'll give you a huge soft hug :) xx

  • Ha ha thank you .xx

  • Fybromyalgia bladder? Never heard of that 😃

  • Ah Blue52 horrible for you glad you have correct Diagnosis ETC. Still Awful for you. Take Care Lots of Love. Jan. XX

  • Thank. You, at least it may help others too.xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, please take care of yourself. There is always one more kick in the head with Fibro!

  • Hi Ken yep I never knew it could cause so many problems. You take care too hope you ok today.xx

  • Can you explain what a Fibromyalgia bladder is please ?

  • Hi deejames, I didn't word it very well sorry apparently fibromyalgia can affect the bladder too, you urinate a lot, which causes soreness inside, in my case. Similar I suppose as to how it affects your Bowel.the Bladder gets irritated. I don't know too much about it, as this is the first time it has happened I am seeing my own doc on the 22nd December, hopefully I will find out more.

    Sorry for the confusion, I should have worded it better.

  • Hi

    I was told it is irritable bladder symptom of FM and lupus about 15 years ago. The reason for why just as you finally, after otching and turning for ages, get comfy in bed you have to get up for one of your umpteen trips to the loo.

    Great isn't it. Not. There are so many different FM annoyances to deal with hiding behind each new dawn. A bit like an alternative cruel advent calender. So what is behind tomorrow's little door?

    Probably something that will irritate but go invisible to all non FM sufferers.

    Here's hoping we all have an ok evening.

  • Flipping crazy A I feel for you , mine has calmed a little after taking bicard, but still rearing its head , I know what you mean about what is behind tomorrow, I wake in the mornings with left arm and side numb them the tingling" and gingerly stretch to see what's what and what's new. But this morning, I thought sod this, I am going to do loads of research and I am going to find a way of trying to live my life. Because I am so new to this, it's doing my head in, one thing after another, I won't let it beat me. I didn't know I had FM, docs picked up on it. and have had it about ten years or more , I just kept making excuses for myself. Do you take anything for your Bladder problems, would be great if you know more . I am lucky I have a great husband who understands, ha ha he better I care for him too.

    Hope your toilet runs subsides soon Hun and wish you well.

    Take care.xx

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