Don't you just hate that woman on the Tena ads?

Every time she has an 'OOps' moment, her knickers match her dress, she's all smooth and depilated and she manages to go base over apex without disturbing her perfect hair and make-up. She doesn't pee her knickers, either - which rather makes a nonsense of the whole advert!

If that happened to me, I'd probably have a hole in me drawers and be sporting six months of leg foliage! I would endeavour not to wet myself, but I would probably let rip a very loud and embarrassing panty-koff!

Oh yeah, and that smooth dude who helps her up? I would doubtless get the sleazy guy with bad breath and dandruff. And I'd probably break both legs. S'not fair, is it?

I'm off to have a fantasy moment with Prad Bitt!

Love Moffy xxx

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  • panty koff I like it, sounds better than botty burp!

    been knocking at PP's house but no-ones in but no towels drying on the line,,, strange.

  • I think there is a 'gremlin' on the site ... VG can't get in - have contacted HQ about it - maybe PP is locked out as well! Just have to wait and see.

    love Moffy x

  • Tell me about it. My face would be red and my eyes would be dewy and my knickers soaked because when it starts it doesn't stop arghhh. Plus like you i would have the sweaty greasy man euwwww but i will say this it was nice they used a real woman with curves. Gosh you have just reminded me , 2 summers ago i had a lovely purple see through summer dress mid thigh length and it came with a slip, i got out the car walked across the main road and down the high street only to realise that when in the shop mirror i notice the slip was up round my waist :0 An no i never felt it but certainly felt the red in my face i had a go at Paul for not noticing haha, he said if he knew he would have walkeed behind me to admire the view..Worst still i had a thong on!! :)

    Got to laugh xx

  • If it was moffy her dress would slide up her gold plated knickers with a hole in them would come clanging down and I would be standing behind doubled up with laughter

    VG :D

  • Ps my knickers and socks always match my top its years of my dear mother saying make sure you look nice in case you get run over every time I went out.... I wandered why every coat she bought me had a target on the back


  • My mother used to do the same!

    "Always make sure you've got clean underwear, dear - you never know when you might get run over / raped / otherwise violated!"

    D'you know, I always thought that round thing on the back was an RAF roundel - it must have been a target all along! I wonder if they knew each other?


    Moffy x

  • Oh my grabs moffy you must be my

    Lost cousin our mothers Must have been sisters.... Watches puzzled as the thought of being related to VG causes Moffy to sink into another decline...

  • I've had bad fibro fog and forgotten to put any pants on !!!! Luckily I had trousers on, had it been a skirt I'm sure the draught would have reminded me !!!! :) I have also been out in an odd pair of ugg boots, one light bown and one dark brown !!! Luckily I had trousers on again :) oh and my fantasy man is Barry Garlow :)

  • I like Manly Barrilow and Bicheal Mall but fave is Dermot O Leary [can't jumble that]

  • Oh Moffy, you've hit the nail right on the head. I try not to wish ill on anyone but I'd make an exception for ad woman and whatever twerp devised the ad in the first place. If it happened to me you can bet your bottom dollar (pun intended) I'd be wearing beige trousers so the wet patch would be very visible. I do so love the panty-koff and fully intend to borrow it from now on. x

  • What I notice in the Tena advert is the woman has the same dress on she wore to the office!! I'd need more than a Tena, more like a Pampers Actifit.....XL, cos I can't stop weeing once I've started either!! XX

  • :D

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