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I've had a set back for 3 weeks, no only my fibro but my arthritis as well. The worst is in my shoulder, I have pins and needles down my left hand side, went to my GP as it was so painful, and thought I had a trapped nerve, he said it wasn't without even examining me, does any one else have the same symptoms?, I've never had them this bad before, thanks in advance X

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  • I have oesteoarthritis as well as fybro like you, and. Get this often, I've had X Ray's on my neck and they said it was the wear and tear of arthritis, have you had an X Ray? I went to a chiropractor which helped a lot but now I get it on the other side !!! I find heat pads and massaging the muscles in the shoulder the best thing, take care

  • Thank you Arymretep, I have been using the sticky heat pads, and they help when they are on, merry Christmas soft hugs xx

  • Hi Bunny,

    I'm so sorry you have such problems with your shoulder. I personally think you should ask for a second opinion and ask for an X-ray . I had similar problems to yours and was at first told "it's part of the jigsaw of fibro" by the first consultant. Having taken many courses of cortisone which helped less and less, until the time when I could bear it no longer and asked to see the consultant again. To cut a long story short I was bone to bone in my left shoulder and ended up having it replaced as soon as the consultant was able to do it and was profusely apologetic for not having considered more properly. So I really truly urge you to get another opinion and all the symptoms of you speak of really truly need being properly and urgently too.

    If you would like to PM me do feel free. Sending lots of positive healing vibes coming your way 😊

    Foggy x

  • Hi foggy, thank you for your reply, I will go and see my own doctor when I can get in, I booked an appt on line last night and the first day

    Is 31st December, don't fancy Xmas in so much pain, I will try and get an emergency appt , soft hugs

    Bunny c

  • Definitely ask for an X Ray as I did, you say you have arthritis so it's probably that and not fybro, I was offered cortisone injections but didn't want to go down that route 😟

  • I know cortisone injections are not particularly nice to have done, but the relief they can bring can often help make you feel a little less ghastly, and could ride bunny over until after Christmas - everything to my mind slows down in the nhs in the lead up to Christmas.....just my very humble opinion 🤐💞💞

  • Yes they do help

  • Hi bunny 🐰

    As you have such a long wait for an appointment go to your local A&E and tell them you have hurt your shoulder don't tell them it's been diagnosed as trapped nerve coz they won do owt but tell them you injured it and they will do an xray and may even prescribe some stronger pain relief take your medication with you but don't tell them about your fibro until they've xrayed you good luck sweetie

    Hugs n stuff

    Fluffy xx

  • I'm sorry but suggesting tricking A&E is a bit off. Have you not seen the statistics about clogging up emergency departments ? A& E is for emergencies.


  • Yes dee I know A&E is,for emergencies and it wouldn't be clogging up the department or tricking them as it WOULD be an emergency, if she was in agony which she so clearly is it's just sometimes if you disclose you have fibro at the start they won't see you and send you home I know this for a fact as I fell in the shower and was in excruciating pain went to A&E explained said I had fibro and they said oh it's probably a symptom of that go home take some pain killers and see your gp when you can I went home and my arm swelled up in the night I went to my GP she took one look and sent me to hospital as I had taken a taxi to GP she insisted on an ambulance and I had in fact broken my wrist and dislocated my elbow and had they not dismissed it as a fibro symptom the night before there would have been no need for an ambulance as I had transport in the form of my neighbour so not giving them the full story straight off is not TRICKS or CLOGGING UP it's simple SURVIVAL because if you have a pre existing condition they will just assume and not investigate

  • You have had a terrible time I agree. I am just concerned with using A& E improperly. I have a friend who works there and she is so angry with people who should be going to the GP taking up emergency time. I myself have waited there with people who have a little rash or a kid with a tiny cut. Maybe I'm just turning into a grumpy old woman !

  • I think yours was a different case as you genuinely fell so you should have gone to A @E for an X Ray, don't think it's right to tell them you hurt your shoulder when you didn't though 😟

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I want to sincerely wish you a speedy recovery x :)

  • Humm I do have nerve problems so yeah I do. I don't know sometimes what causes what pain. Sorry

  • Hi

    I know you have had a few replies but as someone who has now got only twenty percent use in left arm and CRPS due to incorrect initial diagnosis wanted to make a suggestion Have a look at "rotator cuff injury "and similar shoulder conditions which can occur due to arthritis injury.

    Hope you get sorted soon.

  • Thank you all for your help and replies, I got an emergency appt just before Xmas and I saw my own GP , she said it is to do with my fibro, and it is the nerves that are inflamed, she was very good with me, she listened and gave me plenty of time with her. She offered to change my medication, but as I have had fibro for for 17 years I have tried all different drug combinations, and the ones I am on at the moment usually work, so she gave me oramorph for now, and she has asked me to think about changing my fluoxetine to duloxatine, ( I think that is right), but I really don't want to have to go through all the different side effects again. Does any one take this and if so does it help. I'm not getting on with the oramorph as it makes me so tired, so I still have the original pain I went with. I am seeing my GP again on the 31st Dec, and just don't know which route to take.

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