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Happy Xmas

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I will take the gabapentin and see what happens. Got an oppointment at Pain Management again Wednesday 9th. To get there causes me more pain so don't know if I will go. My left foot seems to be starting up like my right foot, so to get on the bus walk to the clinic is hell!!!. An I think my right shoulder is starting to freeze like my left one did. Oh well moan moan moan eh. Hope all my fellow suffers aren't in too much pain. Here's wishing everyone a Nice Christmas xx

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Merry Christmas


Hi there, I've just started on Gabapentin - been on it 3 days, 100mg per day (teeny tiny amt) so very interested to learn how you get on. I posted a question about meds last night, that being what would happen if I didn't take it. Best of luck to you!


I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)


Good luck ,I hope you make it , merry Christmas to you to ,


Chris X


Make sure you cancel well in advance so that someone else can get your appointment if you decide not to go.

I was in the pain clinic a while back after having waited months. The nurse I was seeing was fizzing as she had had two missed appointments in a row.

But the to take up your appointment. Its sounds really hard to get there but it might be worth it if you get some help. It also keeps you in touch with the system.

Good luck



I hope you have double thick gel insoles in your shoes,,,,,anything to help the walking bit,,,,,I hope your shoulders try and behave themselves,,!!,,,,


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