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hi everyone hope you are all asleep just a quick post i had my results from the rhumey it says i have cervical spondylosis and disc space reduction with osteophytosis and no fibro i have looked this up and its osteo arthritis with bone spurs however that is in my back n neck they only x rayed my back and what about the pain all over my body and the pins and needles like electric shocks i get in my fingers and toes im going to gp next week to ask for further tests there rant over have a good night xxx

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have osteoarthritis with bone spurs and cervical spondylosis. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with these issues.

    I have electric shocks going down my bottim of my back, hips, bottom, leg and into my foot on the right side. I have a compressed Sciatic nerve which causes this. I do not know if you have discussed anything like this with your GP or Medical Specialist? I am not saying this is what you have I was wondering if it had been ruled out of the equation.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks ken for your reply i have pbc and osteoporosis and it seems i have new things all the time i have sharp stinging pains in my ars hands legs feet and in fact i hurt everywhere but not at the same time docs dont believe me and i wonder if im going insane sorry for ranting i just wish it was given a name so i can self medicate xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that, I can truly imagine how horrendous all of this is for you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Before i was diagnosed with Fibro, like others on this forum I did a lot of research and read posts from other fibro forums. Many people have complex medical conditions including arthritis, osteo and nerve issues due to spinal disc problems etc. Why the Rhumey ruled out fibro doesn't make sense to me. Do you have any other of the symptoms that come with fibro? fatigue, muscle weakness, all over pain etc?

    Hope you get answers soon.

    Sending love and light


  • Hi I'm really sorry to hear about this, like you I have cervical spondylitis and osteoarthritis with osteoporosis. I've had both for many years the osteoporosis came last. I've also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for year's the doctor put pain down to the arthritis saying when I was having aflare up it was causing the muscles to spasm. I accepted it for year's, as you do when you're brought up to trust your doctor, due to moving house I changed doctors

    , after a few appointments due to pain fatigue etc she sent me to rheumatologist to the rule out or confirm fibro thankfully he confirmed it. That's not to say that you will be the same but it's worth pursuing. Sorry for going on but I hope this helps gentle hugs x

  • Sorry to rule not to the rule lol x

  • Sorry I meant arthritis and spurs just blame fibro fog and one of my many headaches rosie x

  • this sounds very similar to my experience. i tell them all the symptoms i have which ticks virtually all boxes for fibro yet they always change subject . i have osteo arthrit. in spine neck hands toes and that gets the blame for all my pains , but i tell them its a different type of pain . what do we have to do to be heard and believed ???

  • Your condition sounds very like mine ten years ago. Is the spondylitis in the cervical ( neck) region? if it is the spinal cord may be being compressed or at least the spinal nerves exiting at the place. mine was C5/C6. I went through a hell of symptoms just like yours and its likely that you have neuropathic pain from the condtion in your neck and back where other spinal nerves are being compressed. It is also possible your muscles are in spasm from trying to protect your spine and this is adding to your problems. You need an MRI scan of the affected areas whuch will show more detail. The symptoms are very similar to fibro and treatment may be the same unless your Dr advises injections or removal of the spurs and/or disc(S) affected. You could be offered a fusion operation if the disc problem is severe but I would suggest you ask about disc replacement depending on your age. You should see a neurologist and or a neurosurgeon given your current diagnosis and what an MRI shows.

    So go back to your doctor and ask for an MRI scan as the first step. don't delay so that any possible neuropathic pain does not became a chronic issue as mine has done. the longer the situation is left the more neuropathic pain you will experience which which your shocks/pins/darts/ burning pain is - you have classic symptoms.

    If you want the name of a top neurosurgeon, mine is in Germany - Munich and he has a British contact person i can give the details of. Best of luck!

  • thanks for your reply yes it says c6 / c7 and it says spodalosis of the spine neck i will ask gp to send me for mri xxx

  • Hi, I have narrowing of the spinal cord, with cervical stenosis at c5 c6 and c7, I also have lower lumbar stenosis in c3and c4 with osteoarthritis In knees and hands etc. And now fibromyalgi ( it's great fun) not!! I get so feed up with the pain and so frustrated with not being able to do the things I used to do, I was always very active, it's the worst pain I have ever felt and normally I'm very good at handling pain. I've got doctors tomorrow morning as I'm now have lots of falls, ( my daughter calls it my new hobby, of falling down the stairs) I feel as if my foot has moved then I go to step out and its stuck, so down I go, not great on uneven ground at all, so looks like it will be a wheelchair, (my daughter calls me old) I'm not really that old just turned 50, so I hope you manage to get yours fixed, because if you go early enough to have surgery they say it can be repaired, but me I was the silly one and ignored all the signs and hAve left it to late.I don't sleep either constantly exhausted but when it's bedtime I'm wide a wake and pain is so unbearable. So that's my wee moan bye for the night ( haha) I so wish you all the best and good luck I know exactly how you feel x

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