A little ray of sunshine from Naturagirl

A little ray of sunshine from Naturagirl

Today I will not rant about anything. I just want to thank you, my wonderful, new friends for all your emotional support, all your useful tips and hints and all your love and understanding.

My legs are still walking, just, even so it hurts a little more each day. The good thing is, they don't fold up any more suddenly. The bad thing is the arms are now playing up also.

Today I want to say thank you with this little painting of mine, which shows me in younger years. It's not a great piece of art but it's a happy picture.

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  • You look so happy and I love being on or in water so yes, it is a happy picture :-)

    It's probably too late in the day but there was a shop which sold furniture, I can't remember whether it was only electrical though. It was on the edge of Launceston (I don't know where you are), it was for people who couldn't afford very much and all donated. Wish I could remember the street name. I hope the days to come bring you easier times!

  • Hobart Road in Youngtown has a big City Mission shop where I always bring my stuff. We have heaps of these shops in Launceston now. I love them. I buy hardly anywhere else, even so I could sometimes. These days a lot of people who can afford buying new love to buy in Op-shops. It's a real trend here. zi find that great as it cuts down on the rubbish heap of the world. Recycling is a great thing. The Western society m especially the Europeans are very wasteful. When I was in California 45 years ago they had already great op-shops, where you could buy fantastic clothing and jewelry. Our op-shops are just like huge convenience stores except most things are pre-loved.

    In a few weeks time my life will hopefully be less stressful and less painful but I have experienced worse. I still get around and can look after myself .

    Hugs Tess

  • Another lovely happy pic, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Thank's Rob. It's sometimes good to remind oneself that there were happier times one can always remember.


  • Oh that brings back such happy memories of teenage years spent messing about on boats on family holidays,

    Happy days 😃 Love it

  • I painted it of a photo someone took at me when I sailed the great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia. It was the happiest time of my life. I never had seen so much beauty and never thought it existed.

    Hugs Tess

  • Lovely picture. You look happy. Take care x

  • It was the happiest time of my life, Angie.

    All the best from Tess

  • WOW! I think it is a wonderful picture my friend and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are in pain still and I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you my friend.

    Love and light Tess

  • :)

  • Another lovely picture, thank you for sharing your talent, im sure im not the only one who enjoys seeing non commercial art produced for the love of the craft.

  • Thank you Leon, yeah, this is definitely non commercial craft, even so I would not mind to make a little bid of money with it,

    Cheers Tess

  • Beautiful! I love the colours, thanks for sharing. X

  • Thank you furry. I remember when I was a kid and lived in Northern Europe that we got sometimes holiday postcards sent which hat such a vibrant colored sea. My Mum used to say the colors are not real, they just printed them like that. She was wrong. The colors are real, they are actually unreal real. The sea around Australia is just of unimaginable color and around the Great Barrier Reef and in far North Queensland the sea looks like it is illuminated from the bottom. Seriously!


  • It sounds amazing, I would love to see that. X X

  • It is amazing, total paradise except one can not swim there in summer, because of the box-jelly-fish, unless one drives out with a boat further into the sea. Out there one has to worry only about sharks.

  • Hi Tess, which part of northern Europe were you? I hope everything is going to plan. I believe I spent an evening in the south of Youngtown :-)

    When we left Australia we sailed up the eastern coast, it was at the time that the Crown of Thorns Starfish was destroying the coral of the reef. We saw the destruction floating on the surface.

    My youngest son spent 9 months working in Port Douglas 4 years ago. He was taking tours scuba diving, paddle boarding etc. before travelling down to the south, the Great Ocean Road before telephoning me from outside my old home on my birthday :-)

  • That sounds lovely. Port Douglas is beautiful. I still know it before it became a hip holiday resort. Looks like your son knows the beautiful color of the Oceans here and seems to love Australia. I am from Vienna Austria.

  • you seem a lovely person & that is the way I look upon all my disabilities. I first had fibromyalgia 71/2 years ago and also I started to get all the overlapping conditions too, but I don't let that stop me from getting on with life in a positive manner.

    take care & night night xxx

  • You may not think its a great piece but I do, it ooozes the essence of the painter - bright, positive, free-spirited and quite frankly dazzling :)

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