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new tablet again baclofen its called x

hi everyone hope to find yous all as well as can be, had to go back to docs again today, was walking from my bathroom to my living room and was floored by the pain in my lower back, turns out its to do with the large muscle at the bottom of my back causing spasms and paralasis, so another thing to add to my list of illnesses lol, has anyone else ever had these tablets and are they any good. soft gentle hugs to everyone xx

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Umm not sure I am the best person to answer this but yes have tried baclofen twice..... Both times had terrible uncontrolable constant diahorrea .... Once while out shopping !!!!! The good thing was it started within 10 mins of taking baclofen both times so the drs had to admit it was baclofen and not a stomach bug.


Ps I am super sensitive to most meds so you will probably be fine fingers crossed xx


lol madhelen im the same very sensetive to most tablets especially antibiotics, i was on a course last week and couldnt stay out of toilet, ty for replying now i know to make sure i stay in when i take one just incase xx


I've tried these several times over the years with mixed results. Been taking 2 a day past month. 1 side effect is to relax bladder muscles, needed tena lady pads! Also my arms legs & feet have been excruciatingly itchy, I've been using a hairbrush on my feet in bed, not good I know, but couldn't sleep (no change there!)

Just watch out for any of these unpleasant side effects, I'm stopping them again. Good luck!


ty the shadow ill look out for them and to be prepared and buy some tena pads the only good thing is iv only to take them when needed as i am also on mst, tramadol and paracetamol, the itchyness i can get where u r coming from, its mostly my back that gets it and i have seen me picking up knives or whatever i can get thats long enough to scratch, i actually scratch till i bleed ( not with the knife lol ) usually way back scratcher, the other place i find i get rally itchy is my face and eyebrows, several times i have woke up wih my face nipping as i have clawed myself when sleeping and its been really deep ones, the doctor gave me an antihistamine to help it doesnt take it away completely but does stop it happening as much as it did x

gentle hugs to u x


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