Hi everyone, has anybody tried homeopathic remedies for fibromyalgia.I had a telephone conversation today with a trained homeopath and she said I needed to detox my liver from painkillers and she would give me remedies for pain etc. She said fibro almost always starts when we have had an traumatic event or a series of bad events in our lives. Just wondering if anybody has tried natural remedies. X

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  • Do be careful coming off any medication, I fully understand wanting to pursue alternative treatment but please consult your GP first. All best wishes. xx

  • I use natural products...been trying to figure out for 2 yrs. Everybody is different. I did not choose a homeopath because they are too expensive, and what works for one person might not work for another. ....i just had terrible connective tissue pain in my back at work,. Took a formula 303 from chiro for muscle relaxation..has magnesium, valerian root and passionflower. All relaxing stuff. I also took turmeric because it wasnt strong enough. And i just took more magnesium and a hot shower. Pain finally subsidied. Foot pain right now, but can do a epsom salt foot bath. Did one with lavender took away nerve pain.

    I believe the body can heal..but sometimes takes a bit of stuff and cost money too. But, i would rather do than medication.

    Milk thistle will Help liver.

    It really is worth it. Havent had a bad side effect, and if i do. I stop taking. Just recently started adrenal support to lower my cortisol production. Feel ok.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Natura,

    I too am taking this path but am feeling kind of isolated as I have no support or gauge other than how my body feels. (Not a bad thing when you feel fine but on days which are not so good it would be helpful for some test to tweak what supplement/vitamin is needed). Just wondering if your doctor assisting you. I am heading to see mine tomorrow and am going to ask her to work with me on a lot of my new trials and will see how open minded and receptive she is to trying something away from the tick box method NHS usually operate. Wish me luck! Jax

  • Jax...would be a good idea to have a naturopath or your doctor helping you. I had terrible upper back pain yesterday that was so painful i couldnt sit up straight. I overdid my supplements to help. Back pain finally relieved but i got a bloodshot eye. Be careful . Naturals can be very powerful too. I am taking a couple of days off from all supplements to figure out what interacted wrong.

    I cannot take ibuoprofen because of scarred kidneys. I dont like taking tylenol either. Even lying down did not relieve pain. Ugh!

    I dont have a naturopath because i cannot afford. I do speak to nutritionists at health food stores to get some insight.

  • Hi bvlgari

    I have never tried homeopathy myself. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with this but please take care coming off medication as lou says, you should consult your doctor prior to doing this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Have tried it several times and never had any results. I even believe it in have friends who use it on their sheep with great results. I went to NHS hospital in Bristol as well as stuff from GP.

  • Yes.. I'm seeing one at moment.. She put me on gaps diet as she thinks my body has to much bad bacteria from years of antibiotics use..as a child...I ve gave up after 2. And a bit weeks as I m not sure I was totally comfortable with it..x I taking these appointment with a pinch of scepticism.. As I feel I ve been refer cause they don't know what else to do with me

  • I always used homeopathy with animals, most often successfully. Having said that, I might, if I were you, use the tradition homeopathic pain relieving remedies rather than pay out a lot of money.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. X

  • could you please share pain relievers bvlgari? I would be curious as my method is to tske magnesium to relax muscles or also valerian root (which i find strong) and passionflora. I got from chiroractor, but it wasnt enough this time with this back pain.

  • I have only had a telephone conversation going in 2 weeks to discuss remedies but will definitely let you know what she prescribes. X

  • I've just started a course of Rhus Tox . (poison ivy) from my GP. I'll let you know in a week or so.

  • Please let me know how you get on.xx

  • Will do but i may not be able to find this post again so keep an eye on me :)

  • Day 10 and there seems to be some improvement. It might just be the flare's over. There was a piece on the news this morning about the NHS considering a ban on homeopathic remedies prescribed by GPs. It will still be possible to buy over the counter.

    I'm on the fence with this. I see the point of why they shouldn't work.

    q. does a placebo still work when you know it is. Apparently the answer is yes

  • Hi, I've used thus tox for pain/stiffness in my collie dog who loved swimming in sea, very stiff next day, 2 days treatment helped her feel like a new dog. Worth a try.

  • I was brought up using a homeopathic doctor until he retired when I was in my late teens. Fabulous way of medicine for minor ailments and to compliment traditional medicine for those which require pharmaceutical intervention. I think we should all be offered a spectrum of these therapies on the NHS.. But hey ho that's just my opinion. I was declined the option to go to homeopathic hospital on NHS by medical board due to their thinking it was of no benefit to my condition. Can't say I was very happy in the least but am pursuing my own alternatives in the meantime (started using Sinatra profile as detailed in dr. Sarah myhills book, 'mitochondria not hypochondria') plus other supplements) and if I need to I shall self refer at my own cost. Hope you get some benefit from what it is you have been prescribed. Good Luck Jax 😊

  • Same as western meds don't agree or work with everyone, so does homeopathy. Interestingly some homeopathy, like Arnica for pain, helps. But herbal was better for respiratory. Look into government providers first. Free in NHS UK is available. All the best luck with it sweetie.


  • I believe the whole idea behind homeopathic medicine is to help the body cope with illness naturally from our environment. To let the body tackle problems with our own immune system. If its overactive like lupus, there are herbs that can bring down immunity to a healthy level. Calming herbs.

    I don't understand the attack on this form of health treatment. It makes sense to me. The body is a very complex machine, and yeah, while an herb might affect everyone differently, don't you suppose medicine does the same? And there are side effects to medicine that are not seen in natural supplements. I am not putting on weight which is what steroid use does. If something hurts me, I stop taking it.

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