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My mother told me yesterday one of those stories I don't seem to digest very easily. She told me that the daughter of her best friend's relative also has fibro and that during the first year she couldn't leave bed or even look at her two daughters. Then she found this homeopathic doctor who prescribed her what made her come back to normal again. She's back to work and looks after her children just like a normal person.

I am very sorry but I couldn't believe this. Someone must be swaping info here. I remember my rheumy told me that some people who have -I am not sure if sh meant sjogren's or fibro - were not affected much whereas others have very difficult lives.

Yet, i find hard to believe the story. Does anyone out there an throw some light on this matter? I don't even understand hy it makes me feel bad - maybe I feel responsible for how it affects me - not sure - but find the story somehow bothers me.

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I was wondering whether you could throw this back and ask for further details? Then you could talk to the root of the story and be able to clear it up.

Sadly many people believe there is a 'cure' for FM which will just make everyone better. I am also very suspicious when I hear such stories and it makes me feel angry - but I don't really understand my reaction.

If your mother is like mine, she may be clutching at straws as she fears for you and hates seeing you so ill? Mine took me to a healer, which I did enjoy actually as he made me feel very peaceful,helped my stress, but he got me thinking too.

He told me my life force was low and did sense the areas where most of my problems lay, but he was too costly to keep visiting. I am about to try Reiki and looking into Crystal Healing,which identify the same areas, but I only seek to resolve emotional issues as FM is very physical for me. So you see, even I have a 'story' to tell. I am willing to try some things and my mind is not closed in this area.

Just 'go into anything with your eyes open, don't expect too much and research well before commiting' is my motto here.

It does sound as if your mum has yet to accept your illness and doesn't know enough about it. I found FM for Dummies was a big help there.

I am sure you think I am daft, but I hope you can reassure your mum that she will hear many stories like this but as yet there is no cure. There is pain control however and sometimes underlying problems, when treated, can give relief.

Soft hugs


Many people with Fibro don't just have Fibro and some people diagnosed with Fibro do not have Fibro at all. I would question whether it was severe Fibro that made her bedbound and reclusive if homeopathy helped that much.

Homeopathy has very little evidence to show that it works better than placebo as a treatment for Fibro. That doesn't mean it can't help some people - the placebo effect can be very strong, especially when helped along by the support of seeing a caring practitioner for long appointments.

How old are her kids? If they were under 1, PND might have been part of the problem for example. While I have come across many parents with Fibro who have been unable to care for their children on their own in flares or who have been unable to pick up their children, I have never come across anyone who did not want to see their children at all because of Fibro. Most parents disabled by Fibro are desperate to do what they can for their kids.


No idea LindseyMid, this is probably a story which never really ocurred. people just talk too much about things they don't understand - specially. I don't know what age her kids were. Who knows? I just refused to believe the story. I'll tell my mother or whoever to keep their stories for themselves - it seems the best they can do, sad!


Smily, the story sounds entirely true to me, though I don't know the people involved. I am a homeopath myself and have seen this sort of result with many patients with fibromyalgia and other conditions for which conventional medicine says there is no cure.

I don't know why the story bugs you. I can't put words in your mouth or read your mind, but I know what would bother other people about it. Here are a few possibilities:

1). If homeopathy is so great, why didn't my doctor tell me about it?

Most conventional medical doctors are trained to believe there is nothing outside of what they have learned to do. In addition, they are very invested in the very lucrative drug industry, which is also very invested in them.

Beyond those issues, they have trouble understanding how it works. Homeopathy is explained by new science - quantum physics.

2).Why doesn't everyone know about homeopathy?

I often get this question from my patients when they get better. They are usually pretty upset that they spent years believing their was no cure for their condition or that they had to be on drugs that made them sick for so many years before they found homeopathy. They are often angry at the missed years of their lives and at all the money they invested in medication and " cures" that didn't wok.

3). I think a lot of people don't try homeopathy because they are afraid it won't work for them and that that disappointment would be hard to live with.

All of which is to say.......consider the possibility that the story is true and ask for a referral to her homeopath or to someone her homeopath recommends. You might also ask to meet with her and find out her story


I surely will - no doubts about this. My mother is quite keen about me meeting this doc, and I am open to try absolutely anything. I am just exceptical about getting those great results specially when I might dissapoint my mother. I am really not sure she is coping with all this very well. It's a big change in my life and for her is like having another daughter.


By the way, can homeopathy gave me back my normal neck mobility. There's some movements I've never been able to make again no matter what pain killers I take. However, tramadol without working on the pain gives me plenty of freedom of movement. As soon as I try to decrease the dose my neck stops moving. I was for over a year without being able to move it much until I was put on this painkiller.

One more thing, I've seen online that the treatment homeopaths use for fibro is always basically the same. The products they recommend are also available online. Can you recommend me sth for chronic fatigue? Extreme and severe chronic fatigue? I'd love to try sth since there's nothing conventional medicine has for this, which I find one of the main issues of this illness.


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