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Anybody tried a vibration plate before?

Has anybody tried one of these vibration/power plates before? I am desperate to lose weight but have been told by my doctor that I'm actually "not allowed" to do any conventional exercise because she knows exactly what it will do, and does do to my body...she mentioned the vibration plate and I'd been looking at them before, I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with them? I'd just like some input from real people with fibro, instead of fitness geeks online that rave about anything that makes them more built up.

Thanks, Berthy :)

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Vibration plates are fun, but they won't get any weight off you. The only way to shift weight is to eat sensibly, and to do what small amount of exercise you can manage - even if it's a slow shuffle round the block, which is my daily contribution!

Most people find Weight Watchers or Slimming World very effective. They're both a bit pricey, so I just went once, grabbed the books and instructions and did it myself. Of course, some people like the club atmosphere and the support of others, but personally I find it cringey! You can also be an online member which is quite good if you have the cash to spend.

My favourite is Slimming World, 'cos it works well, and doesn't involve special foods or calorie counting. I've stayed on it for nearly seven years now, and am size 6-8 - a big change from size 14 which I was at the beginning!

I should add that I'm a very tiny person, so size 14 looks terrible for me, whereas on a taller woman it would look just fine. I also had an ulcer recently which reduced my weight very efficiently, but not in a good way! I shall probably level out around a size 10.

I eat pretty much what I want, and have treats and binges, but I know that if I mostly keep away from junk, sugary,greasy foods and booze, then I won't get flabby - it;'s a lot easier than people think!

Moffy x


I'm on a diet, and it's taken actually concentrating on what I'm eating to realise how much rubbish I was eating, I'm genuinely surprised I'm not the size of a house. But even when I'm eating REALLY healthily, as I have been for a good few months, barely anything is shifting, and unless I'm eating an entire freezer full of ice cream every night in my sleep or something I genuinely don't know what I've been doing wrong. I've spoken to a lot friends who have used it, that don't suffer from fibro and they've all lost a lot of weight with them, that's why I'm looking at it. Thank you though :) x


Hi moffy my question is do you have fybromyalgia ?


Well I can tell you it's a bit like having a bike, you use it for

A while then hang your clothes on it

I don't find it helps with weight loss, in fact I think it irritates it

It has a setting that you sit down on it and it's a little relaxing

But over all it's a lot of money, if you don't do anything it may

Help you but it might make you worse. But it will not help you

Loss weight it may tone you a little.

I think walking is just as good


Haha yeah, I can see that, but I've been thinking about it a lot and my mum is willing to pay half if I pay half (There's a lot of cheaper ones in ebay :P) and I'm entirely dedicated to losing weight and toning up etc, it's just the healthy diet isn't getting me anywhere and even walking is screwing me up at the moment with my fibro, so I was thinking this might help :s

Thank you :)


Hi Berthy,

If you're eating healthy food, and still not losing weight, I suggest that your portions might be too large - that's usually what causes diet resistance!

It only takes an extra couple of slices of bread to unbalance the 'energy in = energy out' equation.

It's so easy to slip in the odd few mouthfuls between meals or in addition to meals - and I found out that this was my problem. I haven't even got a big appetite, but i nibbled at things and was knocking back calories without noticing!

The vibration plates might tone you up, but there's absolutely no way that they can make you lose body fat!

Moffy x


Yeah, I went down that route but they're genuinely not, I cut them down again and again. and eventually it got to the stage where I was admitted to hospital when my mother was convinced I had developed anorexia, because I kept passing out because I was eating too little, I've seen dieticians and nutrition people as well and it's been worked out that I need something like 1,943 calories or something to just function, and that's with doing nothing.

I know you're not intending to cause offense in way at all but I'm genuinely eating correctly and doing as much exercise as my body can take in to the form I'm doing it, getting a vibration plate is just, another way of attempting to help myself really.. x


I can tell you that it makes my pain worse, I missed that bit out,

You may not find that, every one is different.

Maybe if you can afford to buy a running machine, now that would

Help your weight if you put it on slow, the problem with that is it takes

Up lots of space and it gets very boring.

I'm not over weight, but I think the best thing is a wii machine lots of

Fun fitness games, and it's lots of fun the machine tells you how much

You weigh to begin, and it will tell you each time you use it if you have

Lost weight. And you can play other people on the net if you want to



Unfortunately, I can't afford one, or have the space to spare (': And I spent a lot of time running a few months back but, it was really damaging my back and making it so that I could barely go into college so I had to stop it unfortunately.

Yeah, I can't afford that either unfortunately :/

I guess the idea is, I don't really have to do anything, it's the plate that makes me muscles contract and relax etc...and that's not laziness it's trying to find a way around things, if that makes sense? :/


Well good luck berthy it may well work for you,



I thought you meant something else for a minute, and then I saw the word plate. ;)


Haha, I was a little concerned at least someone would :P


I have had one for over a year. Daily use has not helped me lose weight but has helped me keep the weight off by keeping toned. I do find that it considerably eases stiffness and helps considerably with blood circulation and the massage effects are a big plus. So overall I am happy with what it does for me, but everyone is different. I suggest you say for a weeks course to use one in a sunbed salon and then make a decision. Take care. and good luck.


Thank you very much, that's been really helpful :)


Hypnotic gastric band really helped me but I stopped listening to it and started eating my own body weight in chocolate!

I've managd to stop eating the chocolate, have started listening to the app again, my weight has dropped again. App cost £1.94.

I really hope you find something that works for you. Becky x


Ooh, I might give that a try then, thank you! :)


I used to use toning tables at the gym & the last table was a shaking/vibrating one. The fitness instructor always said that one 'relaxes muscles & boosts circulation' & I enjoyed it. The gym closed, I bought a zen chi massager from a healthy living fayre after having a try there - you lie with feet on it & it waggles your legs in a fish tail motion & was a great way to get 15min 3xday to myself & relax. I used it once to try & stretch my back out as it was giving real grief - never again!!!! Now it just wrecks my knees for hours afterwards cos your legs areslightly elevated & theres nothing supporting knees! Wish I could find a gym with toning tables!!


That sounds painful! I was thinking it would completely ruin my back, hips and knees if it and no form of support, have you looked online for a place with toning tables?


Give up refined sugar. More than anything else this will help. Obviously don't start eating crisps and roasted nuts in place of cakes, sweets and chocolate, but raw nuts, dried fruit are good and if you crave something sweet dates kept in the fridge go like toffee. I tried some banana ice cream made with fresh bananas, almond milk and maple syrup.....utterly delicious and good for you. If you still find the weight won't shift then look at dairy and wheat. Four stone dropped off me when I had to give these up.


I've already done that, and I barely use dairy, when I do use milk for instance, I'll use skimmed milk, but I barely ever do and I'm genuinely running out of options, it's driving me mad -.-'


Hi Berthy... I know exactly how you feel, my portions are small, my calorie in take small, however I am FAT, I have tried for years to get the weight off. I was a size 8 before my children, I had pre-eclampsia with all 3 of them, and ballooned to a size 20!!!! my body looked so weird, I'm only just under 5 foot. Anyho,,,after the births I breast fed as was told this would help get the weight off, well I got down to about a size12/14.....Then this disease as well as AS/OS decided mu future. I was addicted to the gym previously, played netball and hockey. I can just about walk some days now........So trying to loos weight for me is a loosing battle. I bought a power plate, good for able bodied people, not for me, as you really have to get into positions and hold it there for a while for it to make a difference, and you have to do this everyday. My grandchildren love it.. they use it (not on) as a car and go driving to the beach. LOL...when I spoke to a trainer at the gym, he said there is no evidence that they work, no-one has done a tried and tested....like just using that and nothing else, or using the plate and eating lettuce leaves for a week!!! so if I was you, don't get 'mugged off' like me and spend your money. My weight is down to the medication... I have cried and sobbed to by gp (who is lovely) begged for gastric band ( not fat enough....what a laugh),..swimming....this works for many people, but not for me, the water is not warm enough and my body just 'says NO!) I have tried the following:-

Slimming world (work for my sister in law she looks fab) I was going with my daughter, I was cooking all the food and doing her lunches, she was loosing 4-8lb per week, I was loosing nothing :( static..

Weight Watchers, after many weeks there, they actually told me to see my GP as I was PUTTING ON WEIGHT, with this DIET.

Herbal life shakes, lost a little, lost more out of my purse than anything.

Slim fast, kept passing out from dehydration

Slimming pills (private doctor) heart palpitations, shakes, found out I was actually taking a form of 'street drug, that makes you want to dance) I had freezing feet and hands all the time.

The cabbage soup diet....YUK!!! don't do that

Hope this has helped..you do what's best for you darling...don't fret over the weight, you will either come to terms with the way you are, and be able to take the hits when the consutants tell you to loose weight, or you will find something that actually works for you. Good luck keep me updated on your progress, but DON'T PART WITH ANY MONEY FOR A POWER PLATE.

:0 :) :) :)


Yeah, I've given up on the power plate idea, after the first couple of comments really, I had reservations before but it's put a complete end to all of it...I genuinely barely eat anything because I know that before actually trying to lose weight I was just eating with absolutely no need, because I was bored or whatever, research has shown that women in particular have great difficulty in telling the difference between being tired, and being hungry. That's my main problem because I'm always tired and exhausted etc etc.

I was taking Acai berry pills for AGES and they genuinely did absolutely sod all and raspberry keytone is supposed to be fabulous but it was too expensive and after the failure with the Acai berry, I'm so glad I didn't waste my money on the keytone.

I'm just getting more and more disheartened because the harder I try it appears, the less it actually does. I am choosing to walk the longer way to college because I know the more I do, the more calories I'm using but, that's also meaning, the less time I'm actually spending IN college because it's killing my back, hips and knees. It's catch 22 every way I try -.-'

I know, I was nearly in tears in the doctors the other day because I am still trying to find a doctor that doesn't treat me like a piece of dirt because I'm fat. I explained about severe headaches, dizziness etc and she basically put EVERYTHING that is wrong with me down to the fact I'm fat, she told me that if I actually did something and lost weight everything would be fine, that I probably wouldn't even have fibro anymore. I was livid. Ugh, getting annoyed just writing about it. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Thank you so much for everything and I'm sorry you've had such a rotten time trying to lose weight but I'm so glad you're comfortable with yourself now :) I really am.

Take care of yourself, much love, Beth xx


Hey ,yes i have one and it helps my knees and feet i love it .I have never regretted the money i have spent on it and when i remember to use it my knees improve there is no doubt of that .x


As I've said, I might do as was suggested above and try a trial out somewhere when I've got some money together for it, thanks :) x


My friend has one (don't think I am allowed to name it? Cost about £140) Was recommended by physio to counteract lymphodaema, very swollen legs/ankles/feet. Other forms of exercise not an option for her. Uses it several times a day (as FMS pain levels and energy permit) up to suggested max. of 6 x 30 mins/day. Am looking at buying 1 myself, in which case will pass on feedback.



I would love it if you could, thank you. :) x


I own one, and there has been times, I can barely walk and I have used the plate, and it even surprises me,the improvement in my mobility after it, I would say my pain levels drop about 75% but everyone is different, I did what some one above suggested and booked a course in a sun bed shop first ,Good luck. (Soft Warm Hugs)


I may well try with the trial thing at another point, when I've got some money together for it, thank you :) x


Best way to go. :) :)



We had one and tried it together (my Wife and myself) - it took over two weeks to stop shaking. Carrying cups of tea etc. was out of the question

Take care and Kindest regards



Thank you very much. I've gone with the option of a Wii, previously mentioned on here. (I managed to find one very cheaply on a certain internet auction site) So, we shall see how that goes. Hopefully a little better then that!

Take care and warm hugs.



my chiropractor puts me on one once shes lined me up and straightened every thing out. its to sort of set it all in place. i dont fancy doing that with my normal posture as i would be set as a slouchy limpy mess. it is actually quiet uncomfortable. for a start i need a wee almost straight away. my teeth hurt and my eye sockets hurt. i cant tolerate it for more than about two mins at a time.


Yeah, I've gone with the Wii fit option, hopefully it will be a little less dramatic and easier on my body.

Fingers crossed.

I hope you get a little better, I really do.

Take care, warm hugs. :)


Im the same its the actual activity I cant seem to do hopeing this vibro plate will help and Not accerbate the condition I suppose its again a trial and error will let you know how it affects me getting one this week x


Yes Berthy I tried one it made my fibro worse If you want to loose weight What I do is easy One meal a day. Chicken , fish and vegetables I lost 21Iib in three weeks may be this will suit you


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